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Star Wars Speculation Thread (Spoilers)


We’re creating a spin off thread for all our Star Wars speculation, in case some of us get it right. Feel free to share your own thoughts and pet theories on what’s in store.

From what I can tell there’s 3 main plot elements to resolve:

  • Who is Snoke?
  • Who are Rey’s parents?
  • What really happened to Ben Solo?

My own speculation:

  • I think Snoke is Palpatine himself, who Voldemorted himself to survive over the last 30 years.
  • I think Rey was an apprentice of Luke at one time, taken and hidden when Jedi trainees were attacked. I think she’s Luke’s daughter, he fell in love like his father before him, the mother died and Luke hid her so she wouldn’t be discovered and attacked. He also blames himself for everything going wrong. I think Han was watching out for her hence why the Falcon was close by.
  • I don’t think Ben killed all the students, I think he was roped in by Snoke along with a bunch of other trainees (his knights). He was the one who killed Rey’s mother.

Fire away folks. Let your speculation run wild.


I’m taken with the idea that Snoke is actually Luke Skywalker himself. I’ve only seen the new movie once but doesn’t someone say in this one too that there has to be a balance to the Force? Perhaps Luke realises that he has to manipulate a balance between the Dark Side and Light Side? And does it Wizard of Oz-style?

And maybe that’s what Kylo/Rey represent too: both sides of the Force from the same family. (Maybe Luke even drove Kylo to the Dark side?)

  1. Jim, I hope you’re wrong (but I fear you’re right). The idea of Palpatine being a pain in the ass for gramps Anakin, Luke and whoever Luke’s son/daughter/whatever is, is… uhm. Three Skywalker generations having trouble with the same motherfucker? I just hope they change the pattern.
    I personally hope Snoke is Darth Plagueis: " he could use the Force to influence the midi-chlorians to create life". Maybe to resuscitate himself too? And it’d be a great hook to the new prequel trilogy, which seemed (willingly) totally forgotten (or at least not mentioned) in SW VII (see also here:
  2. I hope Rey is just “someone with the Force”. It’s obvious both Han and Leia know her. But I hope she’s not family, because the thing would sound very much like: “I couldn’t kill my nephew, but I will train you, Rey, so you can kill your own brother/cousin”. Yep, Luke. Well thought.
  3. I don’t really care. I like “Star Wars fanboy put in the middle of a movie”/“Shinji Ikari” Kylo Ren. My favourite new character.


Okay so, I actually started this theory half joking at some point, but since then I’ve found some ‘evidence’ that might actually support it.

JJ Abrams has said the First Order are like the Nazi’s in Argentina, if they decided to keep being Nazis. Now, since then a prevailing myth/fictional plot-point of post WWII Nazis was that they wanted to clone Hitler. Of course, the technology wasn’t available to them, but guess what evil Empire did have access to clones, if not cloning technology? Abrams also said that Snoke was designed with Hammer Horror in mind which, to me, is a pretty strange reference to go for without a reason behind it.

So my Theory - Snoke is a half-failed Tarkin clone (cross-bred with vader), the knights of Ren are also half-failed Vader clones and Rey is the one completely successful Vader clone. The rebels/resistance stole and placed her on Jakku. Lor San Tekka was there to, for all intents and purposes, be her jailer. When he died, no one stopped her from leaving.

Here’s how I think it plays out in the films.

Rogue One
Reintroduction of cloning technology when Rogue One steal Death Star plans from Empire facility. We see that the Empire are experimenting to recreate the technology used by the Kaminoans in creating their original clone army.

Episode VIII
Rey has ‘Force-flash’ in which Anakin tells her, “You’re just like me.” In the climax of the film, we find out that Snoke is a Tarkin/Vader hybrid clone. He tells Rey that she’s directly cloned from Vader himself.

Rogue Two: Rogue Harder
The as yet unannounced sequel to Rogue One will show Rey being rescued from the First Order and placed on Jakku.

Episode IX
Rey balances the force an’ shit.


I fought against the whole “Rey is Luke’s daughter” idea until I saw the movie a second time.

Max Von Sydow knows where Luke is. He is also the guy holding Rey’s hand when whoever leaves her, leaves her.

Rey was having dreams about an island surrounded by the ocean. Luke was living on an island surrounded by the ocean.

I sort of like to think that Rey was left on Jakku with MVS by her mother, while her mother went off to find Luke (who wasn’t aware he had a daughter). This keeps Luke from being a deadbeat dad and also sort of parallels his own father.

I don’t think Han or Leia actually recognized Rey.

The timeline is the only thing that makes it difficult. It’s hard to say how old Ben was when stuff went down between he and Luke. I’m actually not sure how old Ben is supposed to be, period- he could be anywhere from 25-35, with the higher end of the age range making things easier.

Likewise, how old do we think Rey is supposed to be? 18ish?


So… you don’t think they recognized her? Having watched the film twice I had both times the impression they looked at her funny. And Leia hugs Rey and not Chewie when they’re back. Just sayin’…


Rey is about 18 I think, Ben around 25 maybe seeing as the movie is 30 years later. I think he’s been part of the Empire for maybe 5-7 years.

I’m hoping Snoke is Palpatine as if it’s Plagalus it weakens the Emperor. It also goes against there always being a master and apprentice.

I’m scared Rey might be created by the force, like Anakin was, and they hid her for fear of what she would become. Her journey being she’ll be the anti-Vader and rule the universe in peace.


I think it has to be given that they’d know of Rey, she’s too powerful to be unknown to any force user. Luke certainly knew her, so leis would too. Doesn’t make her Leia’s daughter though. The first movie was basically there to pimp her as crazy strong with the force, certainly beyond Anikin levels.


I second that.


I believe Snoke may be Darth Plagueis. All other theories feel a little too out there.

The fact that Rey just happens to be on the same planet as the Millennium Falcon is a huge coincidence. Rey’s visions (potential flashbacks) may be because she was there with Luke and the Knights of Ren but had her mind erased. Max Von Sydow’s character is just like ole Ben Kenobi watching over her, secretly knowing where the last of the Jedi is (Luke). I wonder if Luke stole the Falcon himself but left in a different ship.

There’s speculations online about both Snoke and Rey’s background, but I have no idea about the Knights of Ren and that’s what really intrigues me the most. The way Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is built and the name Knights of Ren, makes them seem like a group that have been around for awhile, or at least mimicking another faction. One of the original rumoured titles was “The Ancient Fear” after all.


Agree with most on the Rey. I think Ben was seduced and was a big part of what what down at Luke’s academy, though want to know more about why.

I rally hope this has less to do with clones and Darth Plagueis than with something older and stranger. Why does the bad guy have to be a Sith? Why can’t he be something the Imperial remains found out at the edges of the galaxy, which is something already hinted at in the EnU? I think the clues, as they are, are going to be scattered throughout a lot of non-cinematic material.

Question for the thread: What’s fair game as far as spoiling those sources (EnU comics, books, etc.) in here? I’ve turned back into my 18-year-old self when it comes to devouring Star Wars stuff, so I don’t want to inadvertently ruin something for someone in here.


But Rey is standing there looking all dejected because her adopted dad just got killed. Leia recognizes that, I’d think, and hugs her over the loss.

It would be strange from a storytelling perspective if Han recognized her and didn’t mention it to Leia (or we didn’t get to see that). It would really be a bit of a story telling cheat, because that would have to be a conversation that they had on the green planet.

“I saw our son. He was here. Also, and this is incredibly weird, he was kidnapping Luke’s kid! Small, world, huh and certainly not something that I wouldn’t mention within a few seconds of seeing you because honestly, holy cow!”

“Bring back our son. Also, since she is there, grab our niece.”


You’re right. And I do think we got served a couple of them cheats in the movie…


Is the movie 30 years later? I’m not arguing with you, a legitimately can’t remember/don’t know.

I’d bee putting it at closer to 40 years in my head.


They never really say; I’ve been sticking to 30, because that’s roughly how long it’s been for the actors.


Yeah. The timeline is what throws me.

I mean, let’s say Luke started training new Jedi within five years of the end of Jedi. Also, Ben was born fairly soon after the credits rolled. So Ben starts training with Luke, as do other folks that he gathers (and maybe during the gathering he spawns a little skywalker). So…we are eight or ten years out from Jedi…we don’t know how old Ben is when he does whatever he does. Older than ten but less, I’d say, than 20.

I have nothing to base this on, but I’ve got to think that Luke had to be missing for awhile. Long enough for his existence to because a legend and his actual location to be locked in thing that there are unfinished maps of. Long enough that people had gone from being all “Let Luke go work this out” to “where the hell is Skywalker.” So…ten years? I dunno.

Please keep in mind, none of these are complaints. I loved, loved, loved the movie.

Realistically, the timeline in SW has always been a little wonky.


Yeah, it always bothered me that construction of the first Death Star began around the time of Luke/Leia’s birth (end of episode 3) and didn’t become operational for 18 years (episode 4); yet they were able to build the second Death Star in less than five years (episode 6).


My rationalization for that is that the weapon can be built in a year or two, especially after the tech’s been through r and d the first time around; the stuff around it takes a lot longer.

My bigger time line quibble is just how long is it between the Battle of Hoth and Luke landing on Bespin.


“My bigger time line quibble is just how long is it between the Battle of Hot and Luke landing on Bespin.”

Thank you! Finally someone else who doesn’t think the two parallell storylines in Empire make sense. To me it feels like Luke is away several months at least, while Han and Leia are on the run for maybe a week. And then they meet up in the same place.

At least that’s what i assume you mean.


That has bothered me since at least the age of 10. If Han and Leia were on the run as long as Luke was training, we can probably lock down when little Ben was conceived.