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Is Kylo Ren already a cyborg in Episode 7?

When the trailers started to come out I thought that the black figure walking through the snow was Luke. I believed that because his right arm seemed limp while the left arm was swinging freely. Turns out I was wrong but then after watching the movie in the theatre and now watching it several times per week, I keep seeing that right arm stiffen up when Ren walks. I thought that perhaps it was Adam Driver’s walk but after checking him out in other roles, I saw that he doesn’t do that.

Also, at the end of episode 7 he gets hit on the top part of that right arm and he seems more bothered and angry than in pain. Then Rey hits him on the top of his left arm and he gets dropped.

All of this started to bug me because there is concept art showing a cyborg holding Darth Vader’s mask, so I wonder, could Ren end up being like Vader? More machine than man? Could his right arm already be robotic for some reason?

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