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Star Wars Movie Thread


I take it you haven’t seen the latest revisions on the Blu-Ray version?


Yeah I don’t think UK health and safety is looking very draconian in the last couple of weeks. Try another target. :worried:


I knew it was coming as soon as it was announced that Ford was in the movie. :wink: As I said, it was the only way he was going to do it.


I knew it was coming from the day American Graffiti came out.


In movie, when Kylo turns and does the whole “I sense something, a presence I’ve not felt since…” kind of face, I was all “Oh, here it comes”.


Ron Howard it is


Perfectly good choice.

I hope this is one of his more inspired periods.


That’s fair. I guess.


And now @RonnieM has gone too far.



Wasn’t there some talk about American Graffiti inspired elements for the production design…which makes Ron Howard’s inclusion fit just perfectly.


Heh heh heh. I was tempted to start spoilering all of your posts. :wink:


Spoiler Alert: I would be very cross if you did that.


Oooo. Don’t get cross with me. :wink:


This is looking months ahead but, depending on how much Howard re-shoots, there could be a real legal battle over credit.

Because credit isn’t just about ego, it’s about residuals; the money received by profit participants when the film is released in cinemas, on TV, the web etc.

Howard may have accepted a buyout and not be in the profit pool, but that’s unlikely.


I was under the impression that they weren’t that far into filming. Am I wrong?


They were well into filming;

The move comes two days after directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were let go from the movie they had spent over four-and-a-half months directing.

And that after two years on the project. Their agents and lawyers will be very clear on that.


That’s fair. I wouldn’t put it past Disney to Superman II it.


If you’re the head of Disney you back the person running one of your divisions (Lucasfilm) but you also extend an olive branch to two directors whose careers have only just started to achieve what they’re capable of.

So, the smart money says they’ll try to find a peaceful solution and avoid litigation.


That would be my hope.


I still love that the Donner cut has an intro from Dick Donner calling everyone who bought it his friend…because I really like the idea of being Dick Donner’s friend.

But yeah…that’s a fair point.

But Disney has form in this space, with Ant-man and Rogue One. Presumably they know what they’re doing (meant ever so slightly sarcastically).