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Star Wars Movie Thread


He also died trying to save his son. That’s pretty heroic even if he never saw the fruit of it.


Not to mention walked across a death bridge. :smile:


I still think it was a mistake and the whole way they used him was pretty hacky but I know lots of people liked the film and won’t argue the point any longer.


Oh no doubt. Fortunately, after Blade Runner, Harrison’s “Why Won’t You Assholes Let Me Retire?” trilogy will be complete.


Just you wait for Disney’s Indiana Jones.


Wait, why were people blurring information from a movie released two years ago? Rosebud was the sled! Kevin Spacey was in it! Kevin Spacey was the villain! Kevin Spacey…wasn’t in it! (Sorry, if you follow the logic there, the last line is funny, I swear. I’ll explain if necessary…)

I’m glad they canned a couple of directors who would’ve butchered the character.


Because spoilers aren’t cool.

Does anyone think we’d ever get a Leia prequel film? I guess that Han being the oldest of the main three gives the filmmakers more mileage, but I’m trying to think of compelling takes on prequel movies for other main characters. I am struggling.


Seriously, if you’re on a geek board and are going to be spoiled about a 2-year-old Star Wars movie, you are in the wrong place. Spoiler culture has gone too far.


It was so telegraphed that it lost a bit of punch for me when it actually happens.

Too much of that Episode IV echo.


I can see that. Although in my case, seeing it coming was part of what it made work for me.


The Yoda movie about about a young Dagaobahn who leaves home dreaming of stardom and the bright lights of Coruscant. The Force wants him to be a Jedi, but all he really wants to do is dance.

You’re welcome Lucasfilm.


There’s always someone new.


Yeah, I knew it was coming just from the dialogue in the trailer


The rebels should have informed the UK’s Health and Safety Executive about the various elevated walkways; they’d have shut dowm all of the Empire’s installations long before they became operational. Game over, man.


Teen Leia running around Alderaan and being taught how to be a kick-ass fighter by her aunt. It would make billions!

Or maybe teen Leia having a romance with a 400-year-old Force Vampire or something.

During the Alderaan food shortages, teen Leia is forced to fight in a some kind of archery tournament.

The possibilities are endless. We haven’t even got to teen Leia and her stoner buddies and pet dog driving round Alderaan in a van and solving mysteries.


Also, I am disgusted to find that this browser spell checker fails to recognise not only Alderaan but Leia! What kind of crappy nerds coded this? :angry:


I would so watch that.

The odd thing about the spin-offs is that Lucasfilm have a proof of concept for all sorts of iterations of Star Wars because they have nigh-on 40 years worth of spin-off fiction in comics and novels to pull from. You have the examples of the story being continued with the families of Han, Leia and Luke or more niche ideas with the attempt at neo-noir story with the amnesiac Jedi Quinlan Vos…The possibilities are endless…

So, it all depends on where Lucasfilm want to take it.


To the bank?


To the bridge.


Yoda does not actually say this line in the movie.