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Star Wars Movie Thread


I think that actually would be the worst thing they could do. They’d get the movie caught up in this incestuous feedback loop. I like GOTG a lot, they’re the strongest Marvel films, but they’re very strongly influenced by Star Wars. I’d rather Young Han Solo follow Rogue One’s approach–not in tone, but in being willing to stand out from the herd.


Maybe it will be a Star Wars movie about Han Solo getting back together with his friends from college after the death of one of their friends, where they look at where their lives have gone…Like Peter’s Friends in space.


All I know is Phil Lord is behind some of the biggest comedies of the past few years and is clearly an incredibly talented guy. He’s young and modern with a great track record. I tend to believe his changes were to aid the script, and egos were being stepped on rather than anything else. Kasdan was great, but he’s done nothing much in the last 20 years so I’m unsure he’s a better voice of authority on what works. Plus The Force Awakens was a pretty terrible movie but the world seems to be in denial about this. My guess is this move will diminish the Han Solo movie, but I was never really that sold on this in the first place. It’s a crass obvious cash in, but the that’s what Star Wars and Disney are all about.


Buddy of mine was a matte painter, and I have heard tales of Disney forever. Funny animals and nature, is it? Try Monsanto and big oil, just to start. Disney has always been a bulwark of neofaschistic manipulation of childhood fantasy. You didn’t know that?


That’s really my thought too. It’s a very hard thing to pull off, Harrison Ford an unique charisma. There are so many areas of Star Wars they can mine better.


The A.C. Crispin Han Solo novels were awesome, so there’s potential for a great story there. But yeah, it’s easy to fuck this up, or to turn in something mediocre.


Disney are tough, have been for years.

My perspective is post production, and their NDA is one of the strongest around and they enforce it. They also have their security check out companies that work for them. They require internet access to be restricted and even have USB ports on PC’s disabled.

But as far as this film goes… I don’t think this will hurt them at all.

Either people will want to see a movie about Han’s early years or they wont. ‘Rogue One’ went through a toned down version of this with reshoots and new people brought on to “help” the director and it still made a billion dollars because people wanted to see it.

So do the general public want this? Disney think so. Let’s see.


It’ll hurt the quality of the film, but not the box office.

This whole event suggests they’re going to reduce the scoundrel element of Han by toning things down and not letting actors add lib their own improvements. The best parts of Han Solo were improvised.

It’ll be interesting if Disney end up being the agents of their own demise. They’ve already killed one franchise - two more to go.


I know…We never seen any The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes movies anymore. Shame. :disappointed:

I think I would have like to see a Star Wars movie made by the Lego movie guys, just as I would be interested in seeing an animated Spider-Man movie by them.

Weirdly, I don’t feel nearly as exercised about this as I was about the Ant-Man movie when Edgar Wright was replaced. Maybe it means that I’m not as invested in Star Wars anymore.


The source of the creative difference has been revealed!


Well, Brian Blessed has worked on a Star Wars movie before, so I presume he’s only a phone call away.



That’s what happens after you sexual harass Leonard DiCaprio.


I think it’s just because you know that there would be no Ant-Man movie without Edgar Wright developing it for Marvel for years. This Disney Han Solo prequel is clearly coming, no matter the directors.
It sucks though, because Miller and Lord left The Flash to focus on this, and I’m pretty sure that’s why they’ve only written the animated Spider-Man flick. They gave the project their full attention, but they still weren’t what Disney wanted.


Han wasn’t really written very well in it, either, outside of a few scenes with Rey (“I know, that’s why I gave it to you” was a great line). His jokes were pretty lame, and he was written as an old sap…a depressing old sap who quit on the love of his life. Everything is awesome?


I thought he was written pretty well in that movie. Not on the level of the OT, but there are a few moments that are on that level, and most of his other scenes are good ones, imo (although they skimped on his scenes with Leia). I have a lot of issues with TFA but Han isn’t one of them.

His death scene was perfectly executed. His reaction to being stabbed by his son–to reach out and touch his face–is a perfect encapsulation of his transformation over the course of the series. The old Han would have died raging. The Han who is a father and husband can only feel sadness born out of the love he has for his son. A lesser writer (and I realize it was a team effort) would have had his reaction be one of betrayal or fear.


I think a greater writer would have had him die a heroic death, sacrificing himself to save others, and completing his arc from A New Hope in a way that makes us say, “fuck yeah, Han.” And a greater studio wouldn’t have brought him back to have him die at all.


I don’t think there was any getting around it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of Ford’s stipulations for returning.


There is no way it wasn’t.

Giving him a heroic death, while satisfying for the old fan, would have been a mistake for the new trilogy. TFA was primarily about building up the new characters and that’s what his death did. It’ll be a source of emotional conflict for his son across the next films.


That would have also been good but not necessarily better. Just a different way to do it. I was deeply affected by the scene and don’t think it needed to go a different way.

I liked seeing him go out in such an understated scene. It was unexpected that they would play it that way and like I said, it illustrates in a look and a touch what the character had gone through in 4 movies.