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Star Wars Movie Thread


And with that goes my interest in this movie.
They should have stayed on to direct the animated Spider-Man movie instead!




I guess that Josh Trank can feel a little bit better about his Star Wars experience now.



Ron Howard? Jesus, Disney.


Lucasfilm already got lucky once with the reshoot/editing miracle revival for Rogue One (the stitches were visible in that movie, but somehow it managed to work with a good dose of nostalgia helping).

Difficult to pull this kind of thing on a regular basis… something is not going well there.


Let’s hope they don’t run into trouble with the “Episode” movies, or the whole brand could sour. Then again, this is still early days and the product could turn out just as successfully as Rogue One did.


The studio now is more than willing to flex it muscle, and spend chunks of money, to protect the Star Wars brand and to ensure that it is not tarnished by what could be a lackluster movie.

Aren’t they a little too late? :sweat_smile:


A super jokey Han Solo movie doesn’t sound that interesting to me, tbh. Sounds like they wanted to take a Marvel Studios approach to the story, which is an approach that’s becoming more tiresome with each installment.

Of Lord & Miller’s work I’ve only seen 21 Jump Street and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs–the former was only sporadically funny, the latter was pretty good but probably not something I’d watch again.

Can’t say I’m too bothered by this. Plus, I think Kasdan’s proved he still has a strong handle on the character. I’ll defer to him on this one.


Haven’t seen The LEGO Movie? You should, seriously. I ended up loving it.


I am curious to see how Johnson’s style fits with The Last Jedi (which is in post). Looper and Brick were films I liked, haven’t seen The Brothers Bloom.

Episode IX director is another bag, Only seen of Colin Trevorrow’s work Jurassic World, and I was entertained by it in the cinema but can’t say it was really a good movie. Should try to see it again someday.


I found Jurassic World to be competantly made and watchable, but only a slightly above average movie. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it, I guess I sort of liked it, and it wasn’t the disaster it could have been.

Which I suppose is damning with faint praise, but most of the “blockbuster” tentpole films just seem so over-processed and dull (Ghostbusters, Transformers, etc.) that when one rises above the heap, even slightly, it’s kind of remarkable.


Disney sound more and more like they’ve become a pain in the ass to work with. They’re a real deal with the Devil.


I’ve liked Lord and Miller’s stuff but it has been all rapid fire gags. It’s possible this could have been the right decision for the property. I’m not sure I want Han Solo to become a comedy vehicle.


I’m surprised as I would have thought that any major creative differences would have been thrashed out by now.

It’s going to be another Ant-Man situation I guess - I’m sure they’ll get someone to complete the movie competently, but people will wonder what could have been and will pick the film apart to try and work out which bits were part of the original vision.


One of the stories above points out why it has happened now. The directors were apparently improvising with the actors and going off script and Kasdan objected and wanted to keep it as written (and clearly Kennedy as the boss has gone with Kasdan).

That wouldn’t really been seen until they started filming, although in hindsight you’d say early discussions should have gone into more detail about how they wanted to work.


Ah, thanks for the explanation, I hadn’t clicked through to that story yet.


Miller and Lord were stunned to find that they were not being granted freedom to run the production in the manner that they were accustomed to.

Freedom is not something anyone should expect running a big movie. Because they’re not running it, the studio is.

Michael Bay has enough experience that (god help us all) he can probably get his way nine times out of ten, but when it’s your first big studio film, they are the boss. If you can’t find the point where you’re ideas mesh with theirs then it’s not going to work.

It’s just a damn shame they didn’t all realise this in pre-production.

As for Howard; he’s made some movies that didn’t work for me but for Disney he’s an experienced hand, has made huge films in the past and is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. Even Russell Crowe could;t find a way to get into a fight with him.

At this stage he’s just what Disney would like to be dealing with.


Yeah, it’d be an understandable choice. And I suppose he would be the right kind of guy to stitch things together and wrap them up. It’s not like they could get in a great stylist with a unique vision on a project that’s half-finished…