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Star Wars Movie Thread


The impression he gave, that Lucas “is not an actors’ director” is pretty much what I would have expected. There’s a reason why the young people’s acting in Star Wars is so bad, after all. They were left to their own devices.




Even with that, with its famous 5-year series bible and whatever, JMS admitted that he made changes as he went along. From a 1994 Usenet post:

We looked at the story, the way a novelist looks at a novel he’s one-fifth through writing, and you learn things writing the novel that you can learn NO other way, however much you plan and outline. And at some point, you say, "If we leave things JUST as they are, no changes, we can do X and Y, which are both very cool. But if we take a chance, and make some shifts in direction, we can do X, and Y…and Z…and Z is very interesting indeed.

(That page is all about him saying “But this won’t affect the story’s outcome”, but the indisputable facts are that he didn’t end up telling the story in the way that he originally planned.)


Yes and my main point is I don’t see how you can. I don’t doubt JMS had a basic outline but the model doesn’t work that you can request 5 seasons of exactly 22 episodes. As it stands they curtailed and then extended it but if it had been a massive hit they’d have stretched it until it died.


True, and to be fair I did highlight the main point at which JMS have to change the plan, and used the term most when talking about the changes between treatment and pilot.


I loved it when that came together.

(Seriously, I’m three days late and nobody else has said that yet? :open_mouth: )


Well it’s been the B5 thread for a while now…


Not really a huge deal, to be expect given the usual pattern really.

As the article points out:

Those who have been keeping up with the Disney era of Star Wars movies shouldn’t find this development all that surprising. Both Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story also released a day early in the U.K., so Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting theaters there on December 14 follows suit and makes total sense. It is also worth pointing out that Star Wars 8 is coming out even earlier in France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands, where the movie will arrive on December 13.


I love the way the article says in one sentence that people in the UK will see it before anybody else and then in the next paragraph lists the countries that have it earlier. :smile:


I was about to grumble at Disney for changing the release date after I’ve already booked it off work. But then I checked, and with incredible foresight I had booked off the 14th as well. :blush:


So all is proceeding as you have foreseen?


A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.


Donald Glover’s Lando 'stache:



Well this absolutely blows.


Weird that this didn’t happen during preproduction, but in the middle of filming.


Is it just me, or, when it comes to genre movies, over the last decade have directors been dropping right and left much more often?


It is not just you, but that’s just because we’re all dialed in to the news cycle much more deeply—it’s always been like this.

However during principal photography it does not happen so much.


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