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Star Wars Movie Thread


Right, there were comics, games and novels to go along with the toys and models all throughout that time. As an IP, it was really using the consumer imagination.


The Marvel Star Wars comic finished up in 1986, then Blackthorne published three 3D comics between 1987 and 1988 (based on the Blackthorne comics I have read, I assume these were shit), and then Dark Horse picked up the license and published Dark Empire in 1991, which was a smash hit.

On the novel front, there were very few original books in the same timeframe. Brian Daley (one half of the writing duo Jack McKinney. James Luceno, the other half of the duo would start writing Star Wars novels in the early 2000s and is still going today) did a Han Solo Trilogy between 1979 and 1980, there was a Lando Calrissian Trilogy in 1983, and then there were novelisations of two Droids stories, and one more Brian Daley novel, telling the story of what happened at Ord Mantell - as mentioned in Empire. Again in 1991 Star Wars novels exploded into popularity with the release of Heir to the Empire, the first volume of the Thrawn Trilogy.

The major print item that kept Star Wars in the public eye in the interbellum between the drop-off in popularity in 1986 and the resurgence in 1991 was the Role-Playing Game by West End Games. The first edition came out in 1987 and was a huge seller.


What about coloring books?


Sure, why not?


Don’t forget Video Games, the early 90s saw a lot of really good SW games come out.


Yeah, great point. LucasArts crushed it throughout the 90s, to the point that I bought a Humble Bundle of most of their old Star Wars games a few months ago, just so I could play them again.


Just finished the extras on the R1 BR and one titbit in one of them, can’t recall if it was confirmed at the time, is that General Syndulla = Hera.


Yeah - that’s my opinion. Ford has earned the right to be candid.



I don’t see how that would appeal to those outside of Rebels fans.

I think a Obiwan or Yoda film is more likely.


Hasn’t Hamill not only spent more time as The Joker than as Luke, but also made a lot more money from Batman work than Star Wars work?


I would have no idea. He has been doing it from the early 90’s (on and off). One would imagine he has been fairly remunerated for it…or why keep doing it so long.

As an aside, my brother met Mark Hamill briefly when he was filming Episode 8. He said that he was a lovely guy.


Mark Hamill sure seems nice.

Until you remember he’s The Joker.


It wouldn’t surprise me, he went in as an unknown to Star Wars so won’t have commanded a high price. I’m sure he’s now getting a fat wedge for The Last Jedi though which would likely eclipse the animation money.


No, Porkins was the fat one.

(I’m sorry, I’m so sorry)


I think Clerks also had a major impact on the Star Wars revival. It’s easy to forget just how much impact that film had in the 90s


Clerks crested the wave of the star wars revival and helped boost its popularity outside nerd circles for sure. I remember an article about Kevin Smith selling his star wars memorabilia to help fund the movie in one of the official magazines that had shown up in the early 90s


Don’t underestimate the reach of the Clone Wars cartoon, that tapped a wide array of audiences.


I think we underestimate/ignore the stuff not always directed at us. Rebels is massive with kids too, in fact even when watching the movies my boy calls it ‘Star Wars Rebels’.

They will be the ones reacting down the line, like we have to TMNT or Transformers or similar 80s/90s stuff.

Is that audience enough to sell a movie expected to make a billion dollars? Probably not but as long as the trailer looks exciting and accessible and you have the branding on it probably doesn’t matter.


All the standalone movies have a massive advantage with being part of the larger universe.

I agree that they’ll probably do the more obvious characters and situations first, but ‘Rogue One’ had hardly anyone familiar in it, certainly not as leads. The idea was the star.