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Star Wars Movie Thread


That Grumpy Post of the Year contest is really hotting up.


You’re welcome.


Wait, does this mean that one of @Jim’s kids is going to grow up to be Shia TheBeef, and he’s going to marry Harrison Ford?


Obviously that is the implication.

To be fair, most actors don’t have the luxury of doing that. You take the work that you can get when you can get it rather than the work that you want to do.

…I can’t believe that I’m defending the multimillionaire actor here. I didn’t expect that.




Given the thread, wouldn’t this be more appropriate?


It’s not a luxury to shut the fuck up though. Just don’t shit on the guys who gave you a paycheck. Professional courtesy. Like Jim Carrey after KA2, he looked like an ass taking the role and the money and whinging afterwards.

Back to Ford bashing, I feel bad for Lucas standing there beside him. Here he is, watching Disney whore out his creation that he treasured and idolized all his life like a Hollywood Gollum. He refused to cash in on the brand for 20 years, protecting what he had rather than giving us endless shitty spin offs, and there’s Disney with 6 movies in 3 years fucking the franchise in every hole they can find. And there’s Harrison goddamn Ford, who got famous from Georges creation and words, acting like a dick and saying he wouldn’t watch a Han Solo movie like you’d just asked him to eat dogshit. Like if George were 8 inches taller and 10 years younger Ford would shut up and treat him with respect. But Lucas is the tiny pudgy man who looks like a punching bag. And in the back of his head he’s still fuming that his masterpiece was taken away from him, and he’s not afforded the level of love someone like Stan Lee gets.

Man, my Ford hatred is just building and building. I hate that guy now.


I don’t disagree on that. If you can’t think of anything nice to say and all that…

I was just commenting on the expectation of him being a fan, which I don’t think I would even care about.


There’s likely another layer to Ford’s disdain. Most actors dislike it when someone plays their character. There’s always the fear that someone else will do it better than them. Just think of all the interviews with the original Star Trek cast. I think it’s difficult for actors to get out of the mindset of looking for and insuring future work while not seeing everyone as competition.


To be fair, Lucas did his fair share of whoring out. It was just merchandise instead of movies, and it’s literally how he made his fortune.


I do wonder if Hamill really wanted to be a big star after Star Wars or felt more comfortable not taking that route once he grew up a bit. Hamill was around 25 when he made Star Wars. Ford was around 35 and he wasn’t going to change very much in looks, character or attitude for the next decade. Hamill and Fisher still had a lot of growing to do.


Six in six, surely. :slight_smile:


It was interesting. You could find Star Wars on everything with 5% going to him, but if he’d made a new movie every years between 1983 and 1999 he’d have been even richer. It was a weird strategy, I don’t know what was going on in his mind. He’s like a pimp who’s very selective on what you can do with his ladies.

Dramatic effect mid rant. Disney would never crowd the market like that - you need their whoring to give them the maximum return.


Yeah. Id rather he was honest than just lie about it.

There’s enough bullshitters in the world right now.


It’s a lot easier to make money off of merch than by making more movies though. He didn’t direct a movie between Star Wars and Phantom Menace. He wrote or co-wrote 4 movies and produced 5, with an executive producer credit on another 5 (though these were Lucasfilm movies rather than ones he had a direct hand in). And the constant stream of Star Wars merch, even in that lax period between 86 and 94 or so where Star Wars wasn’t huge, there was merch income.

Could he have made more money by making a ton more movies? Maybe. But the big money spinner for Lucas personally would still have been the merchandise because part of his deal with Fox for Star Wars was that Lucas got most of the merchandise income. (similarly, Alec Guinness made more money off Star Wars than any other actor in the cast because he agreed to take points as opposed to a salary)


Maybe that’s actually why Ford has been so butthurt about Star Wars all these years. :wink:


I had the exact opposite read. I took Harrison’s comment to be loyalty to Lucas.

Edit- well, I think he genuinely doesn’t give a fuck about this Solo prequel but wouldn’t be so flip if Lucas was involved and standing right there.


The merchandise needed to go 16 years without a movie behind it. that’s difficult. You’re selling the same characters and toys to 2 generations of kids in that time span - the prequels really blew new life into the Star Wars line. I think new movies would only have helped merchandise.


Merch started coming out in force a couple of years before the prequels, in the run up to the special editions. They relaunched the toy line in 1995, for example. But the resurgence of Star Wars as a brand started in the early 90s, with the runaway success of Dark Empire and Heir to the Empire in 1991.

New movies would have helped Merchandise, for sure. But Lucas was burned out after the original trilogy. And the prequels took a physical toll on his body, after a 22 year break in directing.

If you could make a shit-ton of money for doing almost nothing, or make two shit-tons of money and have it effect your health, which would you pick?