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Star Wars Movie Thread


More recent than 1977. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (To be fair I sometimes forget how old I am and how long ago my childhood was.)


Yeah, Hamills career is by choice. He took very little roles after RotJ and settled into voice acting not even ten years after RotJ. Voice acting is a cushy gig of you’re in demand. It’s very little work for the pay, and lots of actors install booths in their home to record their own pieces (like Maria Bamford).


Plus we’re all glossing over his greatest role of all: The Cock Knocker The Trickster.


Was it by choice? I was under the impression that he struggled to get cast after RotJ. It’s why he ended up doing so much DTV garbage. The point I was originally making was that other than Skywalker Hamilton didn’t have another break out role until he started doing the Joker, not that he didn’t work. Ford on the other hand easily segwayed into other recognizable roles almost immediately. So it makes sense that Ford views Solo as just a job while Hamill is more precious about Skywalker.


You’ll have to ask him! :smile:


Yeah I don’t think it was by choice. When I met Hamill at Mark’s shindig a couple of years ago he was so happy to have a role in Kingsman and he and Millar have become good friends. I got to speak to Hamill for a good 30 minutes, when we both had a fair feed of drink in us. I got the impression he was somewhat resigned by how Star Wars impacted him, that there was a touch of regret that he’d done it as it became an overwhelming force in his life and stopped him from doing other things he wanted to do. On the other hand he loved the fans and understood he was so lucky to be in the position he was. That’s why I told him he was beloved the world over by hundreds of millions of people who as kid played out as him. Only a couple of other actors could make that claim. It was a bit like meeting Shatner I suppose, but he’s gone from being anger at Star Trek to fully embracing it.

It must be wonderful yet sad to create something so great you end up being defined by it.


I’ve met a lot of my heroes over the years especially comic creators. Hamill is the one that I’m not sure how I will/would handle. Luke Skywalker was a character that impacted me at such an early age. I mean a kid from the backend of nowhere that ends up being one of the most pivotal figures in the galaxy and he also happens to be towheaded. :wink:


Its odd, meeting famous people sometimes. It doesn’t happen very often to me, but even outside the office you can bump into them, in Soho, on their way to or from somewhere. They’re generally fine about people being appreciative of their work.

I saw Guillermo del Toro a few years ago, but didn’t even get a chance to embarrass myself by saying anything as he was talking to other people and clearly in the middle of something. Then I saw him a couple of weeks later, on a tube train, with his family, on a day out somewhere.

That time I decided not to be a fanboy and let him have his day off without being bugged.

Even after one of his kids stood on my foot. :slight_smile:


I met Mark Millar once. He told me I was dressed well and I had a nervous breakdown and ran away.

Months later I drank Tequilla with Shia Lebeouf in San Sebastian and told him he looked like a bum.

Life’s funny.


You should hear what he says about you.


He was super cool, to be honest. A complete anti-celeb.

I was really surprised about subsequent media reports detailing various episodes and such.


I take back everything I’ve ever said, I love Rob Liefeld :laughing:


Maybe that’s where it all stems from: he doesn’t want to be a celebrity.

Anyway, all the famous people I’ve met are lovely, except that one bloke. I think he was just tired though. He’s only famous here anyway.

Michael Biehn said I had a beautiful Irish name (?) and I didn’t know what to say except… I don’t actually recall what I said. He had a very nice hat.

Margot Kidder said she wanted to adopt me. She was adorable. She kept turning to her assistant saying, “Isn’t she nice? She’s so nice.” I wish I could remember what I said that was so nice – then I’d have that line to use for everyone.

Back to Star Wars – Jeremy Bulloch is pure delight. His wife is even more delightful. They both thanked me for spending more time talking to her which was odd.


Until the end of episode 9, where they appear as three force ghosts smiling at the new cast.

No, I have no idea why Han becomes a force ghost. Just because, ok?


Payback for disbelief!

The Force has a sense of humor.


That’s a very, very long time when you’re not working or just barely working. Maybe he could afford it, but from what I’ve read it doesn’t sound like he preferred that.


It’s hard when everyone just knows you as the guy from The Big Red One.


The Han Solo Force sensitive theory would worrrk.


I was going to mention it. It’s a great movie.

He’s an actor. We might want him to be a fan but that’s a bunch of guys on the internet wanting their heroes to be like them. We need him to turn up on time, know his lines and not bump into the furniture. Which Harrison Ford arguably still does tolerably well… (admittedly, TFA was the first of his movies that I have seen for a long time).

Alec Guinness didn’t much care for Star Wars either and he made a ton of money from it. He had other things that he was interested in.


Yeah I disagree. Your employers made you rich, and your fans made you rich. He’s still reaping in that Star Wars money. You owe them - of course you owe them. And it’s not asking much - indulge them, don’t be a dick.

If you work for KFC, and they promote you and make you wealthy and comfortable and help you pay for your house you shouldn’t say ‘KFC is dogshit’ if anyone asks. Have the integrity to either never take the work in the first place or show gratitude for everything it’s given to you.

Great, now I want to punch Indiana Jones in the face.