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Star Wars Movie Thread


In fairness, if you’re doing the convention circuit I guess you’ve got to accept that kind of stuff comes with the territory. There has already been stuff from official sources making gags about that line (see upthread), so I presume they’ve cleared it with him and he’s said it’s fair game to do some jokey questions about it.

The reaction video Steve posted upthread (where he got an ovation when he first walked out to greet the attendees) shows that the fans still have a lot of affection for him.



I think that would kind of ruin the Luke reveal. I don’t think it helps to have another person (group of people) watch him die. The onlookers were secondary to what was happening between Han and Kylo Ren.


I agree. It would be weird to have Luke suddenly show up out of nowhere at that point.

I share his disappointment that there wasn’t a reunion of the trio, though (and now, there never will be).


Yep, I agree. We should have had the whole gang together on screen, and it is a shame that now we never will.

The whole reason Force Awakens existed is for nostalgia’s sake, and they should have been more feel-good about it—I would have much preferred to see the cast from A New Hope together rather than the plot from A New Hope rehashed.


I think having those three together would also hurt the momentum of the new cast’s rise. This is meant to be their film with the old war horses moving into the mentor role.


Again, I agree, but it wouldn’t have taken much to have the classic cast share the screen again briefly.

A big part of the audience for the new movies is people who have seen and enjoyed the old ones. While they have to tell a new story for a new audience, I think a moment like that would have been nice for longtime fans.

(Not that it was a bad business decision or hurt their box office or anything - it just would have been a nice moment.)


Yeah, that remains one of the big minuses for TFA for me, it wouldn’t have taken much to do it either.



Old Harrison Ford doesn’t deserve Han Solo. The character made him rich and famous and he acts like a dick about him. Mark Hamill shows how to handle a lifetime character with grace.


It’s a weird question to even ask him though, he’s never been a “fan.”

Skywalker is all Hamill had until recently. Ford broke away from Solo almost immediately. He’s never been previous about the character, old or young. It’s understandable why they would have different handlings of their characters.


He’s a dick for not being a fan. Play the damn part. Your fans made you insanely wealthy - give them the courtesy of not mocking their passion. And he has no reason to hate Han Solo. Hamill should have Star Wars - he couldn’t get another role, but Ford got every role he wanted. And Hamill is a better actor - he’s the reason Star Wars worked. Han Solo did Ford no harm at all, treating it with contempt is a dick thing to do.


I love old grouchy Harrison. He is free to mock all of my passions.


Just keep him out of the pilot’s seat of a plane.


He’s a dick, but I kinda love him for it.


Ford has no obligation to be a Star Wars fan. If it was just a job for him that’s perfectly fine. Fans can’t and shouldn’t demand that he love the same things they love.


If you ignore 25 years of constantly in demand voice acting, sure.


That’s why I said until recently. He’s known for two things Skywalker and Joker. Joker came nearly 20 years after Skywalker.


1992 is recently?