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Star Wars Movie Thread


Which thread can we discuss this in!?


A thread titled “True superhero movies are all shit, apparently”




Hey, I’m not the one who decided that Rami’s godawful Spider-Man movies were the demarcation point.


Now you’re making me want a Sam Raimi Star Wars movie.
But what could it be about?


It’d need to be as low-budget as possible. Raimi gets worse the more money he has.


He can make a prequel with Qui-Gon and call it Dark(side of)man. :wink:




“Take the fucking Wookie!”



Raimi doing a low budget Star Wars movie. With his patented camera work. Bruce Campbell in a cameo as a Jedi Master. I’m there.

I have mentioned how much I like Army of Darkness, right?


I’d watch an Ash Vs The Sith TV series.


Lightside? Darkside? I’m the guy with the lightsabre.


Ted Raimi dressed in Jedi Robes on the floor dying, blood everywhere.

“May… The… Force be with you…”

He dies.

Camera pulls back to reveal Bruce Campbell.

“And also with you, padre.”

Turns on Lightsabre.


I was trying to figure out how to work Ted in…

Edit: He could be Jedi Master Sh Hemp.


Oh come on, Star Wars is about realistic character names like Elan Sleazebaganno, the guy who tries to sell Obi-Wan Deathsticks in Episode II.


It was a Raimi Reference.



Oh, I know. I was just taking any opportunity to make fun of Elan Sleazebaganno.


No, I like a lot of movies that are slotted into the superhero genre, I just don’t think they feel much like superheroes.


The way everyone here is talking about the Star Wars prequels, you’re definitely not going to have any shortage of sourpuss posts to choose from.