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Star Wars Movie Thread


Oh I think there’s going to be a ton of stuff, some of it quite random.

And it would be funny if Jedis were there and he didn’t realize it, although I think the ones alive then are Vader, Kenobi, and Yoda.




Depending on how Rebels ends.


I actually have no idea what that is so I guess I am not a Star Wars authority, ha.



Oh, gotcha, my kid watched that during his brief (now over?) Star Wars phase. I thought it ended a long time ago though.


I must respectfully disagree, sir! Jedi are just one element that makes up Star Wars, the main saga needs them to be whole, but I don’t think the lack of them hurts other stories outside of those films. Rogue One wouldn’t have been any better if one of them had been a Jedi, that’s not the problem it had. Saying the one Star Wars film without Jedi was bad and therefore anything without Jedi would be bad is specious reasoning, and really I’d much rather watch Rogue One 10 times than ever see Episodes II or III again.

Also Luke wanting to end the Jedi obviously doesn’t put an end to the force or lightsabers, and even then we don’t even know if Luke will be correct or successful in wanting to end the Jedi order. We could see a new school of force users who wield lightsabers, but have cast off the dumb rules of prequel Jedi (although I’d much rather they ignore them altogether, seeing as they don’t really fit in at all with ESB Yoda style of Jedi-ing) and call themselves something different, and have thus brought balance to the force. Or equally we could see Rey restoring Luke’s faith in the Jedi order by bringing Kylo back around to the light side, and working together to set up a new and better Jedi order.


“But why did you end the Jedi, Master Skywalker?”

“After all these years, I really, really really needed to get laid.”


A star Wars movie without Jedi is like a Harry Potter movie without wizards, a LOTR movie without Hobbits, a POTC movie without pirates, a Toy Story movie without toys, a Marvel movie without superheroes or an Aliens movie without Aliens. I mean yes it can work, yes you have an interesting sandbox to play with, but you’re missing the part that made the series work in the first place. It’s like a sandwich without any filling.


One that won’t make any bread.



Oh, I could easily see them do some of the stories in the Silmarillion as Middle-Earth movies at some point.


I wouldn’t call Guardians a superhero movie either. There’s no costumes, no secret identities, no real superpowers, and the only codename is mocked in the first scene. It’s simply a space adventure movie.

Easily - sort of. You know the movies would capture a fraction of the BO that the main book movies had. At a certain point you’re catering to the long term fans rather than trying to get as big an audience as possible. And that can work when you have a limited budget - franchise sequels are the most safe investment of any kind of movie - 85% of them deliver at least $300 million in box office. Still, if you’re a studio with spots for only 3 franchise sequels a year, you’d need to be in a place where the the source material has run dry.

I mean the LOTR movies are good for a billion each probably, and New Zealand will do anything to get something new going, but I haven’t heard of any rush for a Silmarillion trilogy. Would it really pay for itself?


This is a discussion for a different thread but I don’t think there’s been a true superhero movie since Raimi Spider-man.


Well, stores like that of the children of Hurn hAve plenty of big battles, elves, magic swords and even dragons. You think it was really the Hobits who drew the audiences?


Are you trying to challenge Todd for Grumpiest post of the year?


Mostly yes. They were the frame of reference for the audience, like Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter and Will Turner. The further your FOR character strays the less the audience projects themselves into the movie. So I think Hobbits are needed. They’re the magic that raises LOTR above standard fantasy movies (which nearly always bomb).


Hobbits are a particularly good frame of reference tool as they double as both the unlikely hero and fill the role of less important character perspective that Artoo and Threepio give to the Star Wars OT.

Edit: Without those elements fantasy is a real struggle. GOT uses them in abundance.


It would be a harder sell definitely but there’s not much talk of it as Chris Tolkien refuses to sell the rights so they can’t make it anyway.


I’m seriously thinking of recording them for an end of year poll.