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Star Wars Movie Thread



I agree the Jedi seem to lead to a lot of bad things happening. Many evildoing Darths seem to be ex-Jedi, and at least in the case of Darth Vader the screw ups of the Jedi played a large role in leading them to the Dark Side.

Something’s rotten at the heart of the Jedi order, I think that’s what Luke discovered in the first Jedi temple. My speculation is Snoke is ancient and he was present at the first Jedi temple, he was one of the first Jedi, maybe the very first who chose to cross over to the Dark Side. Maybe he isn’t alive but a force ghost.

As for the solution being a mix of the Light Side and the Dark side, I hope they don’t go that way, it seems silly to me and wrong philosophically. A mix between good and bad intentions and deeds does not lead to a more balanced mind.


Jedi are the coolest thing about Star Wars. The one movie that didn’t have them is arguably the worst one. They aren’t going anywhere.


What about getting rid of the Jedi and replacing them with SUPERJEDI?


Doubt it. Otherwise why “bring him and the girl to me”? Physical presence. Elsewhere. Likely somewhere safe. Very safe. I bet he’s dinky - like Yoda-size.


This is obviously what we’re getting.

Colourful costumes, code-names to hide their identities from the Republic and the First Order, specialised power-sets.

It’s the natural move for the universe.


Attack of the clones had loads of Jedi


‘Phantom Menace’ had some too.


Phantom menace is far better than Attack of the clones. Far, far better


And they’re both far better than Rogue One, which was my point.


Attack of The Clones is not even better than The Room.


Well they’re all pretty bad which I think we can all agree on, my only point is that when you remove Jedis, the Star Wars concept gets very generic very quickly.


And if you rename them Spectres, Mass Effect becomes the best sequels to the original ever.


Yes, I think I said something similar when I posted after seeing Rogue One. Once you strip out lightsabers, Jedi and the Force, the Star Wars universe is actually very generic and risks being quite dull.

I doubt very much that’s the direction they’re heading with the movies (although I guess it remains to be seen how much the Han Solo film dips into that stuff - but in that case they’ve got the advantage of a lot of existing goodwill for the lead character, which Rogue One had to earn, so maybe that will carry them some of the way).

It seems more like they’re questioning whether the Jedi are infallible or even know best how to manage the Force, which could be an interesting direction.


Rogue one wasn’t a bowl of special k or anything, but it was competently made, which puts it above at least 5 other star wars movies


Only Terry Gilliam makes movies that resonate with you the same way a bowl of Ketamine would…


Oh yeah, I agree.

I expect the Han Solo film to have Jedis, maybe (hopefully) even Ewan. I suspect them rope in a lot of Star Wars mythos in unexpected ways. My guess, or prediction, is that it will likely be the bet Star Wars film since Return of the Jedi, but will sort of feel more like Mal/Star-Lord than Star Wars.


I don’t think there will be any Jedi in the Han Solo films, since Han Solo doesn’t believe in the force in ANH…


Hm, that’s a good point. Bleh.


That’s not to say they couldn’t have them without him encountering them though.

Apparently in Rogue One the Darth Vader slaughter-fest was added in the reshoots. That makes me think that they know on some level that a Star Wars movie needs to have at least a small amount of that recognisably SW stuff in it. Although maybe Solo, Chewy and the Falcon will be enough there.