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Star Wars Movie Thread


It was never used in the original trilogy, but the term dates back to the novelisation of Star Wars.


Supposedly, there was a program that was handed out with ANH that talked about Darth Vader as being Sith. Evidently, it made it sound more like the alien species he was a part of than a religious sect though.


Oh cool - a new Star Trek?

What’s with the laser swords though… Dumb.






I remember, way back when I was a kid, that Darth Vader was referred to as a “Dark Lord of Sith,” in a book I read, and I somehow had the impression that “sith” meant soot or ashes. Which I always thought sounded kind of cool. Not sure why I thought sith was some kind of ash – maybe someone told me that.


Ok, so they approached the family but have decided not to proceed in the direction. Fair enough. They still have the option then, if Ep.IX needs it.


Hayden Christensen Gets Standing Ovation at First ‘Star Wars Celebration’ in 15 Years

Hayden Christensen was met with a rousing standing ovation during a long-overdue and rare Star Wars-related appearance.

Thursday morning, Christensen took the Star Wars Celebration stage for the first time in 15 years for a special tribute, honoring the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars saga along with Emperor Palpatine actor Ian McDiarmid. Following the panel, Christensen will also attend a meet-and-greet, and sign autographs for fans.



That’s nice.

Lucas has the look of someone attending his ex-wife’s new wedding though.


Bigger news for me out of this has been:

  • A Leia: Princess of Alderaan book by Claudia Gray, who impressed with Bloodline.

  • A Legends of Luke Skywalker book/series, hopefully the latter.


One book by Ken Liu (who translated the 2015 Hugo and Nebula winner The Three-Body Problem, as well as having won both awards for his short fiction) to begin with


I’d never heard of him, but while that’s never been a requirement for my reading a SW book, details like this certainly help.




Yep, this does sound very cool:


Hahahah love that. Fair play to him!


I’ve said it about Rob before, I really don’t like his art, but he always seems like a nice guy when I’ve come across him online.


He’s the James Blunt of comics :grinning:


I go back with Star Wars to the original trilogy when it was the special effects movie to look forward to and see.
Now the franchise is in the middle of the pack.
I hate to say this, but I am not exactly sleeping on the movie line for this to see it first.

It is nice but there are other franchises to get into. I may be more into how GoT plays out this year on TV. Maybe I am getting older, or I have more choices or both.