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Star Wars Movie Thread


It was a very Zack Snyder touch. I liked it.


Cut to Todd standing in the back corner, arms folded, frowning.


I knew it reminded me of something.


I would have already walked out the door at that point.


I don’t think it’ll happen but it could be interesting to have a severely pissed off New Republic on a rampage torching every First Order world in sight. It’d be akin to a case ‘we let you lot live last time, this time? Every one of you fuckers fries’.

Why? Well, an entire star system did get blown up, doing that kind of thing tends to piss people off.

It won’t happen as they want to re-enact the OT underdog vibe, so expect the bad guys to have acquired bigger and badder tech, with all hope being lost until those wielding Plot Armour appear.


I’m always up for something mindless!

At a guess, they may be setting up the end of “magic”, which is something that fantasy has done before. There is a time when miracles happen and wizards walk the earth but that time passes.

The big argument against that as a structure for the next two (at least) films is that fans love the Force and getting rid of it would be unpopular.

And if you get rid of it, then bring it back, it’s a bit anti-climactic.


I was seconds way from suspending Todd for a day. It won’t take much.


It could be said Rogue One was, near enough, a film with most of the Force aspects, Jedi and Sith stripped away, but even it had the line “May the Force of others be with you”.

So reduce? Yes, remove entirely? Nope, don’t think so.


I think you can get rid of the Jedi without getting rid of the Force though. I think the Jedi are being set up to be perhaps not the be-all and end-all that they once seemed to be. The prequels have already chipped away at their infallibility, so it makes sense.

It feels like Rey (and maybe Kylo Ren too) are possibly being set up to be a new generation of Force users who are neither Jedi nor Sith, but settle somewhere in the middle. Not fire, not ice - more lukewarm water.

In that way, Luke might deliver on the old prophecy of bringing balance to the Force - just not in the way were set up to expect.


That’s pretty much what I thought too when I watched the teaser


70 posts - okay, here’s Rian and Kathy Kennedy talking - some about the Irish.

Rian evoked Alan Moore for and extra ten points!


Thanks Bruce for reminding us of the truly great space opera of this age


What did Bruce’s post have to do with The Expanse?


Talking of which, has that hit UK Netflix yet?


The series 2 finale is next week, so I’m expecting it to hit either next weekend or the one after. Series 2 has been amazing - I loved series 1, but 2 has improved on it in every way.


Thanks, looks like I’ll be re-upping for a month in May then.


So the guy on the right is cosplaying as K-2SO, in his mocap form when Alan Tudyk was on location.

The guy on the left is John Knoll, whose idea ‘Rogue One’ was.

Bonus trivia: he’s also one of the people who invented Photoshop.


I second this, highly recommended.


It was a very Zack Snyder touch. I liked it.

That reminds me to catch up on the DC movie thread. There are 70-odd posts to read. I wonder what’s happened now?


Oh wow, I always thought the word Sith came from the EU.