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Star Wars Movie Thread


I quickly saw this and thought you typed “Imperial Mariachi”! :laughing:

I was hoping for something like this:


Talking about Imperial March, first two notes of it before we see Rey in that trailer.



Anyone fancy mindlessly speculating on the trailer yet?

The Luke line at the end is a direction that some had guessed, but it still packs a punch and feels like it makes sense for the character. If Luke tried to rebuild the Jedi and ended up just spawning a new generation of Dark/Light conflict (including Kylo Ren destroying his academy), then he might well be dejected and come to the realisation that balance in The Force isn’t about the light defeating the dark, but about finding some kind of resolution. And perhaps doing so by encouraging Force users to find some kind of balance within.

If so, it would pay off not only the original trilogy but also a lot of setup from the prequels too. I like it.


I could barely make out half the words in that trailer so…In respect of audio? Crap.

Imagery was more encouraging.


Now that is one damn good trailer.


Is that your setup? It’s perfectly clear to me.


Mine was much clearer on second watch as I was actually listening and not hanging from the ceiling.

Luke’s words are pretty clear but it’s so hard not to hear the Joker in the background of that voice now :smile:


Some details on one of the new characters:

The biggest reveal at the Star Wars Celebration panel for The Last Jedi was, naturally, the new trailer. But director Rian Johnson also introduced a character who has what he said was the “the biggest new part in the movie.” Her name is Rose and she’s played by Kelly Marie Tran, who took the stage. Rose, the two explained, is a maintenance worker in the Resistance. According to Johnson, her storyline will align with that of Finn (John Boyega). “She’s not a soldier, she‘s not looking to be a hero,” he said. “And she gets pulled in a very big way into an adventure in this movie with Finn.“


This newly-released footage from ANH is an interesting snapshot of some stuff that never made it into the first movie.

Hearing Prowse as Vader is always fun, and it’s funny to see how much more comedic the choking scene feels when it’s done without cutting away from the wider shot. Also: a mention of the Sith this early on in the franchise is interesting to hear.



I’m actually disappointed by how similar to The Force Awakens it looks.
The floating rocks were cool though.


I really love this stuff with the full on fan reaction:


[quote=“KandorLives, post:1412, topic:5618, full:true”]
I’m actually disappointed by how similar to The Force Awakens it looks.[/quote]
Were you hoping for a completely new cast, and for it to be set on a council estate? :slight_smile:

There were lots of really nice images in the trailer that make me think this could be a very visually rich film.


Ken Loach is directing episode 9, patience my Padawan.


Rogue One looked different to TFA and I was wondering if having Rian instead of JJ would impact the main movies much. So far, visually I guess that’s a no. It’s disappointing now but probably a sigh of relief for when IX comes around.


Possibly…Likely to be the biological one though.


You say that but I need to go the doctor next week as I have a mucus build up in my inner ear that has struck me half deaf. :smile:


I think a certain degree of consistency in the core trilogy films is to be expected, and desirable to be honest. Especially when it’s going to pick up directly from where the last one left off.


Sounds like you need some spring cleaning - which could happen, as one of the pieces of kit is, for all its size, a miniature vacuum cleaner.


I agree. There are places to have personal visual flair but despite this being the 5th director so far (if I am counting correctly) they are pretty consistent visually which gives us that Star Wars feel that is so important.

It looks like the ‘anthology’ stuff will allow a bit more self expression in that regard. When Ken Loach gets started filming on Ep9 I don’t expect a huge visual change, just that he’ll finally address the flaws in the tax credit system that discriminates against Wookies.