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Star Wars Movie Thread


Somehow I think I prefer the Anakin voice in that video to actual Anakin’s voice.


It’s over 10 years since I’ve seen anything of RotS, that rubbery post-lightning Palpatine mask is even worse than I remember.


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I realised the other day that after all these years I never knew Palpatine’s first name.
[/quote]Apparently it’s Joe.


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Everytime I heard Lieberman speak, this is who he sounded like to me:



Not even text to speech can sound the slightest bit sincere saying “midichlorians”.


So here’s a question: if there are always two Sith, a master and an apprentice, but there are hundreds of Jedi, how do the Sith ever win? It just makes the Jedi appear unbelievably incompetent.


Your answer is the Prequel trilogy.


No, the question is in the prequel trilogy. That introduced the silly idea that two Sith could defeat hundreds of Jedi but didn’t satisfactorily explain how that is even possible. It just happened because plot reasons.


They just wait around for thousands of years for the Jedi to trip over themselves, then swan in and pretend they planned the whole thing. That’s the Sith way.


Unless the answer really is, “Jedi are unbelievably incompetent”. Which, in the prequels I guess they were.


I think that’s what hit me hardest about the prequels. After decades of dreaming about what a universe with Jedi would be like, just how awesome those Jedi would be… it turned out they were all idiots.

That was kind of a letdown.


In retrospect it was maybe a mistake to make the Jedi less of a mystical band of omniscient space-wizards and more of a struggling police force who weren’t very good at their job.


Clearly you missed the point of the Clone Wars.

You don’t go around killing thousands by yourself, you get other people to do it for you! It’s all about delegating.

They look idiots to us, but they don’t have our knowledge - the Clone Wars was a perfect way to kill them and get to a point where Order 66 was viable.


Well, I’d expect them to at least be smarter than the average person. There is little in the prequels that gives that impression though.


The thing to realise is, for the Jedi, in the Prequels, it’s a rigged game and it’s been rigged by Sidious:

  • Choose A - You’re fucked.
  • Choose B - You’re fucked.

That’s what gets set up in the PT and the story is then how it all plays out. In part it also exploits flaws in the Jedi perception by focusing their attention in one place to stop them looking elsewhere:

To the PT Jedi the pre-eminent form of evil is the dark side. The foremost practitioners of that are the Sith. Thus the Sith are the no. 1 enemy for the Jedi. They are then given a Sith enemy in the form of Dooku, who so occupies them they never consider that there is another, unknown Sith active, instead they perhaps assume Dooku was Maul’s master. By the time they realise their error, it’s too late.

One of the points I really disagree with in the PT is that the Jedi rely entirely on the Force for guidance, up to and including not drawing on practical reason. The idiot line goes: Jedi do not think, they know (via the Force). Well, that’s all fine until someone fucks the service supply of the Force, which is also what happens in the PT. It’s not simple idiocy at work though, it’s thinking you are beyond error so you don’t need to look for it.

The PT gets a lot of flack, but I really like how the Clone Wars operated - to destroy the Jedi on multiple levels and embed the Empire so that by the time its declared the Empire has already existed in all but name


I was never really clear on exactly what was going on when Samuel L Jackson says “our ability to use the Force has diminished”. Is it because they became too arrogant and reliant on Jedi dogma? Is it because Palpatine and his buddies actively clouded their minds and stopped them being able to use the Force effectively? Is it something else? Is it both?

I don’t really buy the idea that the Force is some kind of finite resource so it feels a bit odd to think of it in terms of their supply being cut off.


Bit of both I’d say. Though yes, when they talk of the Force being clouded it is Sid’s doing - not that the films ever made that clear on their own.

Supply probably isn’t the right term, the Force was always there, the Jedi’s perception of it was totally fucked.


That sounds inconcievably familiar.


At the time no one knew the prequels would be so prophetic…