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Star Wars Movie Thread


The Wire is great btw…You need to give it commitment and attention. Everything is important.


:slight_smile: All I meant was Anders has already seen Father Ted.



J.J. Abrams believing Hamill will score an Oscar nomination for his work in it, to additional photography rumored to be taking place in Edinburgh and Scotland shortly,

FAO @Mark_Millar - get the guest bedroom ready!


He bothered me at the time (I was 18 when the film came out), but when I re-watched the prequels last year I didn’t hate him. In fact he made me laugh because I just thought of him irritating other people.

I wouldn’t either. Though I haven’t seen The Wire.

Well, two or three episodes - didn’t grab me.


New Vader comic by Soule has just been announced, Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith, set just after the end of ROTS and will, among other things, cover how Vader constructed his red saber.

There’s also this killer variant for #2:


That actually made me laugh out loud, as I was reading your post and could only see this part of the cover until I scrolled down:


You know, a couple of weeks back, I got to the end of the Darth Vader OHC2 and was:

OK, that was great? What’s next? Er…

The next OHC is Star Wars OHC2, but that’s a real mixed bag. Aphra? Not a fan. Poe? Have to admit, if an OHC turns up, but it hasn’t yet. So, nothing really to look forward to.

Then this new book came along.


I really enjoyed (and keep enjoying) Aphra, though. :slight_smile:


Character just doesn’t work for me, I can see the reasons for the character having a fanbase, but they don’t work for me.


But it has Triple Zero and BT!


Who were fun for the first six issues of Vader but reading the second OHC they really came to irritate - the joke fell flat.


I can see the novelty wearing off, especially if you read in trades. I’ve been getting it in singles since the get-go so there’s an amount of pause in between all the somewhat-similar banter…


Best bit of Vader Down? Well, Chewie beating Triple Zero with his own arm has to be in the running.


Three days without an update to the Star Wars thread? While at the same time the Star Trek threads get nourished daily? Can’t have that.

Absolutely hilarious. Spoilers for Revenge of the Sith.


I realised the other day that after all these years I never knew Palpatine’s first name.

I don’t like it.


Neither do I. There are a lot of sketchy names in the prequels.


I don’t know Chewbacca’s first name either, come to think of it.





Sheev-ly not?