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Star Wars Movie Thread


I, too, was a bit disappointed. I did like the mention of the Eclipse, though. I didn’t spoiler tag, because that’s all it is, a mention.



Much of that post was from elsewhere to a different audience! So, yeah, the Eclipse does a have different meaning in that context, namely this:

EDIT: Excerpt from the upcoming Thrawn book that’s quite cool:


How Rogue One should have ended…well it made me laugh.


I thought it would have been funny if they just showed the beginning of ANH. :wink:


You kinda have a point there Mr. Mays. :laughing:



That was funny


Hopefully his role will be more substantial than most of his film roles have been so far.


It would be even better if it was just Space-Omar being a bad-ass.


That’s what I was thinking, Space-Omar. Just the same guy, in space.


Is Omar a character from the Wire? Never seen it. :S


He is and he’s like one of the most awesome characters ever.

I command you to go and watch The Wire, even Alan Moore loves it.


He is tied with Dale Cooper as my favorite TV character ever. Yes, Anders, go watch it asap!




I guarantee you will have the same reaction to Omar, albeit for entirely different reasons :slight_smile:


There isn’t a guy on this board that wouldn’t go gay for Omar.

Well … except maybe Racist Ted the Homophobe. Man I’m so sick of that guy.



You’re watching Father Ted when you could be halfway through season 1 of The Wire by now?!!