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Star Wars Movie Thread


No, you’re confused. That’s Chewbacca.


Isn’t he the one in the bright blue hoodie?


You are correct.


He doesn’t really look like either…


I tend to think nailing the attitude is probably more important than getting a lookalike or someone who can do a good impersonation.

Ultimately this is a story that has to work beyond Harrison Ford’s performance (for better or worse), so as long as it’s true to the spirit of the character I don’t know if I care too much whether he doesn’t look exactly like him.



No, that’s Haymitch Solo.


April 13-17, so maybe look out for an Episode VIII trailer around then?


Almost a Must Have, but what’s with Hamill’s face?



He look like someone who was just asked to solve a really hard equation.


He’s trying to figure out how to find the time to fix those vaporators on the north ridge and go into Toshi Station to pick up some power converters


Yeah, sure. That’s the reason.


I may have had the sketch in mind when I was posting.


Rogue One hits DVD/BR 10 April over here, 4 April for the US, 27 March digital.


That’s my birthday present sorted then. :slight_smile:


It’s one of my favorites.



My buddy Charlie, a.k.a. “Emergency Awesome” is now doing Star Wars videos every Friday. He manages to include a fairly full range of material and knows his comics. Not going to post his vids regularly, just this sample. But if interested, do subscribe.


Guess the law of averages means somebody would.