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Star Wars Movie Thread


I reckon “Last Of The Jedi” would’ve been a better title but w/e. I hope we do get a better balance of non-force characters this time around. In the original films, the Jedi and the force were just part of life’s rich pageant in the galaxy and everybody had their own stuff going on. One of my criticisms of The Force Awakens was that it had a bit too heavy of an emphasis on the force, so Han and Finn had to go on about it all the time even though they’re not actually bothered, then Maz Kanata was going on about it as well. Just cool your jets on the force, that’s my advice. Find a sweet balance between your magic and your spaceships and your robots.


The flaw in Star Wars is that it began simply, Good vs. Evil. More story, more complexity. As always, we grow from childhood polarizations to dealing with shades of grey. Mike Moorcock began writing of Law vs. Chaos and their interaction. That exploration went deep, but it turns out the structure of reality is not binary, it’s trinary. (We should have guessed!) Between Law and Chaos is Balance. And between Jedi and Sith is Bento. This is canon, as it is from the animated show, but so far not brought up in the films. What was Luke looking for? The flaw had become apparent to him, the answer was not in the way the Force had been used in the past. There must be a new way, as Dark versus Light always led to conflict. When Snoke suborned Ben Solo and he killed the trainees, Luke had to find a solution. Hence returning to the original Jedi Temple, hence his isolation, and hence his not wanting to give clues about where said Temple was to anybody else - like Snoke or Kylo Ren. So he sought the Bento. (Which, as it came up in SW Rebels, was perhaps not a Lucasian term, but from a later writer. I suspect influence by the concept of the ‘bando’.)

It may be ‘the last Jedi’ or ‘the last of the Jedi’. As attractive as the mythos has been, it can still mature. Perhaps the idea is to move ahead to the next level, what happens to an elevated Jedi. Maybe they will call them Bento, hopefully something else cool.

Star Wars is space opera. We proceed towards the final act and the coda.


Actually, “Bendu,” is a very old Star Wars term. It, like the “The Journal of the Whills,” comes from an earlier draft of the Star Wars script when Luke was named Starkiller instead of Skywalker.

The “Bendu,” “Ashla,” and “Bogan” terms from Rebels all come from old drafts of the scripts for the original movie. At one point the Jedi were called the Jedi-Bendu and the light and dark sides were Ashla and Bogan.

The Whills were also mentioned in Rogue One and the new Death Star in TFA was called “Starkiller,” so it looks like Disney are going back to concepts and names that predate the original movie.


That’s solved, then.


I think that’s my favourite theory so far.


We’re done here.


Rucka has a new book on Baze and Chirrut, so that’ll be well worth a look.

EDIT: Word is the Jyn YA book is also worth a gamble.

Generally, the younger readers material has had the edge on the older audience books so far.


John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats wrote a theme song for Episode VIII:

It’s from Rian Johnson’s Soundcloud page, which I think means it’s definitely super-official.



I can imagine Poe singing this to Finn in a camp fire-sequence ending in a steaming brokeback mountain-like tent sequence.


I hope this is the plot for Episode VIII


You’re imagining it right now aren’t you?

Umm… Anders… you’re not ‘singing’ along to Poe right now, are you?


No, I’m… doing… interpretive dance… to practice my… lightsabre skills…

edit: It is surprisingly cumbersome to type with your left hand only. It takes time. Apologies.




They’ve started on the Han Solo movie, Chris Miller tweeted this pic with the nice comment: Han First Shot.


Heh. But I think the fake/production title Red Cup is the cleverer gag. Because who makes those famous red cups?




Is that going to be the official theme tune for the movie? Well, it’s not John Williams, but I think it works.


Just translate it to Huttese and it’s ready to go. :wink: