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Star Wars Movie Thread


One of my sons has a Kylo Ren toothbrush that lights up like his lightsabre and says some of his lines from the force awakens. One of which is something about finding the last jedi*

*exact wordage is difficult enough with Kyle’s mask, let along emanating from a child’s mouth whilst brushing.


Maybe in The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren won’t wear a mask but will be constantly brushing his teeth.



Always two Jedi are there: The last one, and one more after that.


The Penultimate Jedi


Star Wars Episode IX: Relapse of the Jedi


At least that’s four words. :wink:


Star Wars: Episode IX: “Jedi” Is Plural!


Star Wars Episode IX: Something, Something, Something, Jedi


Star Wars Episode IX: JK, There’s More Jedi


Star Wars Episode IX: It’s a Jedi, Jedi, Jedi, Jedi, Jedi, Jedi, Jedi World


Star Wars Episode IX - There’s no I in Jedi


Star Wars Episode IX: Blue Harvest. Swearsies Realsies Tthis Time


Star Wars Episode IX: Jedi? Jed You!


Star Wars: Episode IX: Ich Bein Ein Jedi



From Rian Johnson’s Instagram:


I do wonder how the different directors will line up. Star Wars has very much a ‘house style’.

I think the guys doing the ‘anthology’ films will get a bit more leeway, even with the reported reshoots etc I saw a fair degree of Gareth Edwards in Rogue One in that he likes to place the action from a participant’s view.


Star Wars/Power Rangers Lost Galaxy mash-up: