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Star Wars Movie Thread




I picture him with a large Sam Elliot style mustache.


That’s Maddus, hot-shot X-Wing pilot with a 'tache to match!


Not a trailer, but:


I quite like that. Not least because it could be interpreted as plural or singular. :slight_smile:



No more disappointment! Wohoo!

And that is a GREAT title. Much better than those rumors that have been floating around.

Also, I LOVE the red Star Wars logo. It looks really good, I mean, it’s menacing like crazy.

Whoah, such satisfaction.

Couldn’t have happened on a greater day. Really. Wow.


Stupid Disney. It should be four words.


The Phantom Menace - 3
Attack of the Clones - 4
Revenge of the Sith - 4
A New Hope - 3
The Empire Strikes Back -.4
Return of the Jedi - 4
The Force Awakens - 3
The Last Jedi - 3

Four of each. I guess Episode IX gets to cast the deciding vote.


I think the idea is that Star Wars trilogies usually play the 3-4-4 formation.


Well, now that I think about it, the titles of the prequels were far better than the movies…


I think The Phantom Menace was as good as its title.


“The Phantom Menace” sounds like a 1940s pulp character.


And as such totally out of place in Star Wars!

wait, what?



I am re-reading all of Darths and Droids, and just want to make sure all comics fans around here are aware of this internet gem. It’s a webcomic based on Star Wars, re-imagining the Skywalker Saga as a contemporary role-playing game campaign gone completely awry.

It has some great character development and humour. I cannot recommend it enough! for a complete list from the top.


A little tease;


Hmm, could work I suppose.


There’s also DM of the Rings, where the RPG is Lord of the rings, but the GM is desperately trying to keep the game on rails while Darths and Droids’ GM goes with whatever the PCs suggest:


Hamill is so likeable.


Also, I had completely forgotten about this: