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Star Wars Movie Thread


I like to think that Unkar Plutt was originally planned to have a recurring role in which he would progressively have his limbs torn off by Chewy. A bit like the Black Knight from Holy Grail.


A cousin of mine (who’s a filmmaker by profession) has a huge collection of Chinese bootleg DVDs specifically for the shitty subtitles and wholly inaccurate blurbs on the packaging (frequently copied and pasted from other movies’ IMDB listings)


Oh wow!


That was awesome! I can’t believe they cut that out!

…well, in fact, I can, but still. It’s awesome that they filmed it in the first place. Finally, Chewie gets to actually rip someone’s arm off!



Ease it with the clickbait JR. That story explains nothing more than what has already been posted in the Lucasfilm statement from last week.


Re: the Chewie scene. I’m glad they left it out, the arm ripping is a bit too cartoonish and would feel a weird tonal shift in the context; we’d be going from that to Rey finding Luke’s lightsaber. It’s also yet another scene directly from ANH. It feels a bit witless to me, it doesn’t really serve the film, I’m glad it was left out. Kylo Ren in the Millennium Falcon on the other hand, there’s a scene that would’ve worked well.


But it keeps up the arm-losing quota that the Star Wars films demand!



I’m going to be a frank.

There isn’t a possible universe which isn’t made better by Chewie ripping someones arm off.







No, that’s TMustards.


What if Darth Vader was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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I finally saw Rogue One. I ended up really enjoying it, actually, against expectations. I didn’t have much of a favorable impression of The Force Awakens, but I did get into this prequel.

What was interesting for me was that for the first half hour of the movie, I really wasn’t that into it. Really, until the Death Star gets active, I didn’t have much interest at all.

But, then a strange thing happened. As the main characters, especially the protagonist, got more invested, I got a lot more interested. So it was an effective way to move the story along with the characters.

Later on though, it did seem to drag a bit with all the technical mechanics of having to plug this cable in here, turn on that switch, crash into that spaceship and so on. Also, I don’t think any Imperial facility would pass a safety inspection. But by the time it ended, I was sticking with the movie.

However, there were plenty of parts that didn’t quite connect for me. Most of the characters felt like they were only half finished. I’m not going to remember their names as well as the classic characters. Hell, Darth Vader left the biggest impression of the whole movie.

Also, the music here seemed really out of place. It was like the score was trying to remind us this was a Star Wars movie - especially in the establishing shots where ships fly from planet to planet - while the movie itself was something quite a bit different, more violent and desperate than Star Wars ever was.


Yours is certainly a valid opinion, Frank.


Rogue One, rocked! It was a clever way to tie in to the original films, but felt like it’s own story. My biggest complaint is that we never get a sense that “Many Bothans died to bring us this information”, I was kind of hoping for a character named Manny Bothans. :wink:


Wrong Death Star. :wink:


Dammit! Now I have to wait for Rogue Two to see Manny!! :wink: