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Star Wars Movie Thread


I think that closeness to the event was a major part of the reason for them breaking with tradition with the statement.

Whatever the views on the digital recreation bit it did appear callous that they were right into debating this kind of thing when the funeral had barely passed.

In truth it probably didn’t make that much sense anyway as who owns her estate and could make those decisions would never happen so soon (even if it’s a straightforward will that gives everything to her daughter it takes time to process legally).


Yeah, this whole thing made me think about The Crow, as well.

It’s a bit different though, since Brandon Lee’s performance would’ve been lost if they hadn’t found a way to finish the film with him in the role; here, we’re talking about digitally creating something new.


I think in the case of Fisher there will be a tasteful way to finish Leia’s story.

I don’t really think the specific tools and techniques used matter all that much, though. Whether it’s a CGI recreation, some clever editing and repurposing of footage (a la Oliver Reed in Gladiator), or simply giving an explanation as to why she’s no longer present - or likely a mixture of different techniques - I think the important thing is that they give the character an end that befits her status (both in the story and with audiences), and works with the story that they’re telling.

It might be a difficult task, but I’m sure the filmmakers are sensitive to all of this, and will come up with a decent solution.


It’s different circumstances too, with both Lee and Reid they died midway through. In this case it appears she completed all the filming for episode VIII and would have to be completely replaced with some trickery in the next one (or as looks more likely the trickery will have to come from the screenwriters).


[quote=“garjones, post:1042, topic:5618, full:true”]
I think that closeness to the event was a major part of the reason for them breaking with tradition with the statement.

Whatever the views on the digital recreation bit it did appear callous that they were right into debating this kind of thing when the funeral had barely passed.[/quote]
But at the same time, realistic, I think.

After the initial shock, one of the first questions everyone had was how the current movies would be affected. If audiences were thinking that, you can bet that Lucasfilm were, and were actively working on it.

I think it’s tasteful to leave a period before discussing it publicly though. This statement seemed to be a response to recent (seemingly unfounded) media reports that had suggested sources within Disney had indicated that a CGI recreation was on the cards. I can understand them wanting to quash that.


Maybe they’ll make rewrites and use the existing footage of Leia to make both VII and IX instead of writing off her character completely from the last film.


Yes, although arguably Fisher was still partway through her work here too, given the set plans to make a full trilogy with her in all three films.

The closest comparison I can think of is Gloria Foster as Oracle in The Matrix, who died after filming her scenes for the second film but before she was able to complete her work for the third.

In that example, they went with a recast and some creative rewriting, but I don’t think that’s an option here really.


Exactly, they will have to discuss some legal matters anyway but it was barely a week ago she was buried. They say explicitly the statement is in response to the recent stories.

So I’m pretty sure the reason they split from protocol to respond to the rumours is nobody there wanted to appear to be disrespectful and jump in instantly with business requests.


They’ve got a couple of years to work out how to solve it too, ep 9 ain’t due until 2019.


I guess it will begin shooting early next year? That’s time enough to get things in order hopefully.

I guess there’s a possibility that they will have to alter episode 8 to fit their plans though. They could be under more pressure on that.


Lee had finished filming most of The Crow when he was killed.

There are only two or three scenes that I can think of that had to be done using CGI/body doubles: The scene wherenhe puts on the Crow make-up on was done with a double, the scene where he re-enters his apartment was repurposed footage of Lee, and (I believe) the scene where he falls from the window was a body double with Lee’s face added with CGI.

None of this is at all unusual for regular productions.


Not that I don’t believe you (I do believe you), but that sounds like rather advanced CGI for a 1995 production.


Star Wars: Kanan OHC

This was a superb 12-issue run. Reading it as a piece really shows why it had to end too.

Above all this demonstrates very strongly one of the key aspects of the new material:

Which could be said to be running strands over time: This story spans the Clone Wars, the declaration of Empire and its impact and the era of Rebels, but it also weaves in ties to the entirety of Rebels season one and to the books A New Dawn and the Aftermath trilogy. Rather than deem the films two separate trilogies, this story attempts to fuse the eras together more cohesively and for the most part it succeeds. It also emphasises the nature of SW as a multimedia franchise for this combines animation, books and comics into one narrative.

Art is very well done, with a consistent style used by the team of artists.

There’s also some very smart reflections on the nature of the Clone Wars, of relationships forged with individuals that start off as adversaries and change towards becoming allies or even friends and vice versa. There’s a consideration of what the declaration of Empire in turn renders the Clone Wars as. And, in these respects, Weisman is smart enough to not try to give simple answers to complex questions.

Quite, quite excellent.

The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More

Allow the miracle of converted VHS to Youtube to elaborate;

It was pretty cutting edge for the time, which is why it was used so sparingly. Now you can do a whole lot more (as we saw with Paul Walker).

And of course when the narrator says a “computer” replaced something, they mean a person using a computer as a tool did it. :wink:


Yes, it was for the time.

Jurassic Park did it in 1993, in the scene where Lex falls through a ceiling. They filmed the scene with an adult stuntwoman and then CGIed Ariana Richards’ face onto her body. A very seamless effect. Though Jurassic Park had the benefit of a bigger budget, more CGI, and a living actress they could work with.

The Crow was an impressive effort; the stuff they were able to salvage fits in seamlessly with the rest of the movie and if a viewer didn’t know about Lee dying before the movie was finished, they probably couldn’t tell.

And anyone else find that ET video kind of creepy, where you have a smiling and chipper John Tesh talking about Brandon Lee’s tragic death?


Using the original Chinese subtitles, which feature multiple lost-in-translation misinterpretations, GratefulDeadpool redubbed the prequel trilogy’s final installment — with hilarious results.

Entitled Backstroke of the West Highlights Part 1 (Star War: The Third Gathers), the recut features such memorable lines as “I has been hating you,” from the villainous Count Dooku, and “The front is a lemon avenue flying straightly,” spoken by Obi-Wan Kenobi while piloting a careening starship.

Dorkly explains the bizarre translations likely “began with a machine translation of the Chinese script to [Revenge of the Sith], which attempted to literally translate from Mandarin to English, despite the multitude of barriers between the two languages.” The end result was great quips, such as “Smelly boy” from General Grievous to Kenobi and “Your dead period arrived, teacher” from a rebellious Anakin Skywalker during his fateful lightsaber duel with his master on Mustafar.

I can’t believe anyone really wants to watch the whole thing, but it’s worth skipping through at random. Every scene is a masterpiece:


It’s sometimes worth picking up pirate DVD copies of bad comedies over here as the subtitles make them at least twice as funny.

I remember a copy of Around the World in 80 Days (Steve Coogan version) where they managed to translate “I’m going to throw” (as in throw up) as “I’m going to Rome”, which was very impractical at the juncture of the story as he was in China.


I think they should have left this in.


I’ve been wanting to see that scene since I read about it! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthanksthanksthanksdaveydavedavedaveythaaaaanks


Holy moly! How did that not make it!