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Star Wars Movie Thread


How about Star Wars: Episode IX: We’re So Damned Sorry About That Last One.


I agree that they could have tried harder with Solo.


After great titles like Force Awakens and Last Jedi this new suggested one doesn’t feel anywhere near as good. Hopefully the leak is incorrect.


Episode IX: For A Nap

Hint: Read in combination with the preceding titles.


[pedant] From a Nap [pedant] wound sound better.


You’re one of those ‘fewer’ people, aren’t you?


Star Wars Episode IX: Maybe Jar-Jar Wasn’t That Bad


[pedant]Would[/pedant] would sound better.


I’m a bit surprised how unpopular this potential title is here and elsewhere.

The titles of the final installments of the previous trilogies have summed up the overall story arcs their respectives stories: Revenge of the Sith, Return of the Jedi.

Having the Sith, oh, sorry, Knights of Ren, still around in the sequel trilogy implies that the Force wasn’t balanced in ROTJ, so this is something that probably should be addressed.






Maybe it wouldn’t have felt so impossible if you’d have just written and directed the last movie in the first place. :wink:


You know, I’m kinda upset how little I care about Star Wars any more :confused:


I know the feeling. Everytime all us geeks have been worried about a franchise being destroyed it’s always come out alright in the wash despite our initally disappointment. The past few years and the last scenes of Last Jedi was like someone taking the thing you loved and ending it for you long before you’d even really got used to it being around again. It’s like when people thought Bush Jr was bad and then Trump showed up. Puts things in perspective.


A short, self-aware, visual allegory of what Disney and Rian Johnson, and his wrongly spelt name, have beheld!!!


Idiot. He should have sold sold 'em.


I think he had to buy them to do it. He destroyed his own collection of star wars figures before. The price of comedy is never too steep.


To me, Episode IX must be a zombie.

Frank Herbert was right.


…have the prequels finally been erased from existence?

Personally, I hope Abrams will manage to make a movie that’ll manage to connect to and expand on what he did in VII (ideally in ways that’ll make for a better movie than VII was) and that it’ll be a fun Star Wars movie. I’m not bitter about the sequels because even Last Jedi didn’t sour Star Wars for me in the way the prequels did.