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Star Wars Movie Thread


Morrison is nearly 60. Given this is set sometime before the original trilogy, I don’t think he’d be that believable as whatever age the Stormtroopers are supposed to be.


He can show up as a guest star at some point, Uncle Rango Fett or something.



Clone Troopers age twice as quickly as normal people, right? I think that they could fudge it.

Also, Werner Herzog is in Star Wars now!?


They just need him to direct the next movie now.


I’m trying to think of a Star Wars Story that might be in his wheelhouse. Nothing is coming to mind yet.


I could see him doing a droid-centered movie for some reason. New characters, not R2 and 3PO.


A mockumentary about a guy who travels to Hoth each year to commune with the Wampas, And they eat him.


That was awesome.


I’ve only just got around to watching the main documentary on the Last Jedi Blu-Ray. It’s been ok so far - nothing terribly interesting, other than how candid they’ve been about Hamill’s disagreement with Rian Johnson’s take on Luke Skywalker - but it’s taken an immediate turn for the better with the first appearance of Carrie Fisher.

I miss her even more now.


The extent to which she’s deadpan insulting him to his face and just dicking around on-set is fantastic.

Last Jedi wasn’t her true swansong, this documentary is.



The score for Black Panther is probably in my top 10 all time, so I’m excited about this.




Look who’s gonna be in The Mandalorian:


I was just walking past some John Williams Home Alone 2 chase score reading this and the photo really came to life there.


Jon Favreau?


If Iggy is going to be in the series, it really makes me wonder if the Mandalorian isn’t a post-ROTJ Boba Fett who blasted his way out of the Sarlasc Pit and took on a new identity and mission…

That’s actually a pretty interesting direction to take the character, and different from the EU.



Wow, did this get fucked over unfairly at the box office. Let’s deal with that first - was it due to the sheer controversy and schism that TLJ created in SW fandom? Maybe to a minor degree, you can only tell fans to be less fans and more consumers before some take the hint. Equally for some, TLJ would have been the last straw and SW was just burnt. The greater part though? Marketing. LFL and Disney look to have had some sky high expectations for this film but crippled it at every turn.

Han Solo is one of those characters who does not need an origin, he works best with a mysterious past and just enough hints as to what went on. They decided to do a Solo origin film regardless, even though the idea wasn’t all that. Marketing this as anything other than a Solo origin would have probably worked better and there was no shortage of angles they could have taken, especially given some of the sequences in the film.

I’m not talking about the local bulk cruisers, I’m talking about the big Corellian vessels

On the face of it, dropping the name Corellia into any marketing shouldn’t work. It’s a planet name that only the major fans will pick up on right? Wrong. One of the things that surprised LFl when they did Rogue One was the way people responded to the inclusion of Mon Mothma. A female character with only one minor appearance in one film, but one that was clearly remembered. Therefore, it’s possible making a bigger deal of Corellia would have drawn attention, especially with what the film does with the setting.

The chase through a Star Destroyer shipyard is foreshadowed perfectly at the start, with the shot of an under construction destroyer in orbit. If you pay attention to the background details, you can see shield domes and TIE fighter parts being assembled or winched into place. It’s a version of SW that has never been seen on the big screen and, due to the marketing mishaps, one of the biggest and best surprises.

Talking of which, the sequence in the Imperial space port. This is a vision of totalitarianism to chill the soul. Cold, harsh, cruel and utterly corrupt then, just when you think you’ve seen it all - up pops the Empire’s recruiting propaganda. That the entire place is cold, hard grey angle and concrete - basically Canary Wharf tube station - tells you it’s Imperial to the core.

Is it a fast ship?

For some the re-imagining of the key relationships in Han’s life doesn’t work, but for me they did. The way they engineer the meeting of Han and Chewie works, with the mentioning that Chewie is seeking his family being particularly effective. The reason for that is the liberation of Kashyyyk and Chewie’s family union happens in Aftermath: Life Debt.

Similarly the Lando and Han link. This has been viewed as being more adversarial and, if you take the words they exchange at surface value, that reading isn’t unreasonable. Except, these two characters are never really going to come right out with the fact that each respects and values the other. Han is someone new to Lando, who clearly has a problem getting bored quickly. For Lando, Han can match him, keep him on his toes and outplayed him at cards. Lando sees everything as a game, even if others like Han, or Hera, don’t.

You killed Aurra Sing

Ah, I loved this line and Beckett. Aurra Sing was a blink and miss her character in TPM. She was a blatant attempt at manufacturing a cool character like Boba Fett. Now, there was a cool character break out star of TPM, but that was Darth Maul. LFL didn’t give up though, they kept trying to push the character in comics, even had her turn up decades later in the late post-Jedi era being a pain in the arse to Luke Skywalker. So, that in this film, Beckett has a rep due to shoving her off a cliff which then probably killed her, all bets are off but let’s go with probably, is very satisfying.

L-337 - Have we had a droid wanting more rights for their fellow droids? I don’t think so. Just as K-250 was a whole lot of fun in Rogue One, so too is L-337 here. Turns out there was a reason for the Falcon’s nav computer being so erratic too.

I’m not in this for your revolution Princess

Where the film does fall down on is in the sense that it is working its way through a hit list of pints to cover. Name? Check. Chewie? Check. Falcon and Lando? Check. While it does have a diverse set of characters, I can see why some would view the female characters as being hard done by. Val? Gets offed very fast. Enfys? Survives but is still a minor role. Qi’Ra? Doesn’t work at all. I felt more when Val and Rio died. About the only way the Han-Qi’Ra relationship works is that each is in denial as to what they are - Han thinks he’s a bad guy and that Qi’Ra is good, she sees it the other round and, like Beckett, thinks the criminal life is forever.

The Enfys revelation of the true nature of Crimson Dawn and the other criminal syndicates, who more than likely operate with Imperial sponsorship, in turn leads to the hint of rebellion. That things are moving quietly, that the Empire won’t last forever. Han denies giving a crap, yet still agrees to help them, while Lando legs it.

It’s still a bit too abbreviated, a bit too shopping list where, if it had spent a bit more time on some of its weaker elements, they might have worked better.

We’ll be sent to the spice mines of Kessel

For all that the Kessel Run is indeed a shopping list item, the way it showed the entire thing was a highlight of the film, as was the train robbery earlier. Kessel was shown as a nightmarish shit pit, but even better was the route in and out, the maelstrom, the Maw - the shot of the Imperial blockade was a brilliantly realised bit of SFX work.

Punch it

Ehrenreich does a remarkably good impression, far better than I expected. He’s not quite lanky enough to pass for the beanpole that Ford was in Star Wars, but he does the best job with what he has. The new Chewie also works well, as does Glover as Lando. And I’d be remiss not to mention Dryden or his boss. You can tell Bettany enjoyed himself - and those light knives - which have to be of Sith origin, right? - are a neat addition to light weaponry. So, Maul - people forget about the success of TCW and Rebels. Lots of kids will have watched and enjoyed them. Now say one of those kids sees this and sees Maul turn up? Cue a little mind being blown, it’d look so damn cool. They know how Maul’s story ends, but seeing him turn up somewhere else? Yeah, that’s cool. And for all the confused adults? Take the hint - go and watch the 'toons.

It’s going to be very interesting how the perception of this film changes over the years. I think time will be kinder to it than 2018 was - and Disney’s quite criminal lack of nerve in response to it not doing as well as they wanted deserves far more flak. As it is now, this will continue to be a diamond in the rough, a film frequently slagged off, but one that, given a fair chance, is surprisingly good fun and very entertaining.