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Star Wars Movie Thread


Don’t know if you go for them, but there’s a book out next year, Master and Apprentice, that’ll focus on the Qui-Gon - ObiWan relationship.

It’s also by Claudia Gray, who’s done some of the best books of the new stuff.


I read some of the Star Wars novels years ago - around the time of Shadows Of The Empire, which I read, along with the Han Solo trilogy. But I’ve never read any of the modern ones. It’s interesting to hear how they are though.


Well the casting of Nick Nolte is certainly less predictable than any of the movies.


Johnson obviously had no interest in Snoke.

You know, even at this point, I don’t think it’d be all that hard to make the new Star Wars movie exciting again. Just forget about all that complicated past and make a good adventure movie about the rebels fighting the forces of evil Kylo Renn while Rey is also looking for Jedi, trying to establish a new Jedi Order, and exploring her force powers.


Or quite a few other things that Abrams had established.

Which may or may not be what Abrams is doing right now? I hope he’s pulling all back a bit from what Johnson did.

If he can make this third act combine what worked from the first two films then he’ll be worth whatever Disney paid him to come back.


Star Wars went downhill after that opening scene with the Star Destroyer flying overhead.


You’ve never recovered from hearing that line about power converters.

Absolutely. I can’t see how he can do it but I want him to somehow pull it off. There is precedent for this in SW, but not at the level of film.


So I did 3 Star Wars sketches. I’m already bored. Turns out I just like drawing Jabba :rofl:



So, over the last two days, we blitzed the 15 episodes of the final series of Rebels.

My take? It was excellent.

15 episodes could sound awfully truncated, but the way it played out meant that this series really ran at a quick pace, with no loss of momentum. Once they return to Lothal in Ep 5 - and that’s one harsh episode - it’s full speed all the way to the end.

The first couple of arcs set the scene in the wider galaxy, dealing with the Mandalore plot and showing the nature of the conflict between Saw and the Rebellion. With that done, it’s to Lothal and Thrawn and Pryce. What also makes this run particularly satisfying is that supporting characters that would have previously possessed plot armour have had that stripped away from them:

Case in point - Vult Skerris, TIE Defender pilot and the kind of guy you can imagine spent his childhood boiling flies alive with a magnifying glass. He takes on Hera, thinking he has the edge because she has a mere X-Wing and gets his arse handed to him by her. It’s wonderful seeing that bastard get his.

It also goes the other way with some quite bold moves too:

Kanan’s death, for me, is up there with the best of them as a character death done right. It isn’t telegraphed in advance, it has an emotional edge and it matters, with the consequences followed through on for those that remain.

Finale thoughts:

Here, Rukh was such a total shitbag I really wanted him dead and his continued, improbable survival did start to hurt the story - then they redeemed themselves by BBq’ing the bastard in the finale! So very good to see.

Similarly, Pryce - who, in this series looked and sounded rather remarkably like Teresa May! Watching her entire foundation crumble by her own hand was very satisfying. At the end, when the Imperial Dome explodes above the Lothal Sea, it’s fun to imagine that she survived the explosion only to die from terminal velocity. If you listen closely, you might even hear a distant scream.

And then there’s Thrawn, whose fate I’ll say little about. What I like is that Rebels was not afraid to make him an outright villain. Compelling, charismatic yes, but still a villain.

It’s quite satisfying too, seeing how they weave in references to Krennic, that that line or two for Hera was done in Rogue One. Yes, the Ghost was at the Battle of Scarif, and if you’re quick, you can spot it in the rebel fleet and it was Hera flying it. Maybe one day we’ll get the story of Hera’s Battle of Endor too.

Finally, after time spent downplaying the mystical aspects of SW, I greatly enjoy that Filoni and co embraced that aspect, both here and on the Clone Wars series. The sequences with the Loth-wolves had just the right degree of mystery. Similarly, bringing back Mortis in combination with the wolves worked very effectively.

Going to miss this lot, it’s been a fun ride.

(The one thing they shouldn’t do on the new Resistance and Clone Wars series? Muck around with the DVD releases the way they did with Rebels. It was counter-productive, irritating and made no damn sense.)


Not just Star Wars fans…


The prequels are terrible by almost any yardstick, but there’s an interesting story buried under all of the CGI, wooden acting, awful writing, and perfunctory direction.

If only Lucas would have handed off the writing and directing to competant filmmakers, the prequels could have outshone the OT by magnitudes.

The sequel trilogy has the opposite thing going on where the direction, acting, and dialog are strong, but there’s just no story under the surface.

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I disagree on that one. I’m more interested to see Episode XI than I’ve been for anything Star Wars since before I saw Phantom Menace.

I mean, they have a character now, that’s more than anything Star Wars has ever done before.


How dare you?? Boba Fett is spinning in his Sarlacc pit.

You know, Boba Fett, the ahh… Mandalorian Warrior?? Does that sound character-y?


He’s such a good character we don’t know if he was competent or not!


So that’s who they copied for all the new characters!!


Was he really a Mandalorian Warrior? I thought he was just a clone of Jango Fett. :wink:


Barely even that. He’s just some kid who saw his dad get killed by Jedi.

I mean the only character to get punked harder than his dad was…well…him.


Jokes on you. I know LOADS of stories where vengeance is someone’s only personality trait!!


Oh, I wasn’t trying to highlight the vengeance aspect just how easy the Fetts were to kill. :wink: