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Star Wars Movie Thread


That’s a possibility, I suppose. I thought it might be far-future sci-fi thing in which smart matter AI star constructs go to war with each other, a bit like that evil super-sun in Grant Morrison’s One Million. Potentially exciting stuff, but a bit far-fetched.


Maybe it’s life forms that live in or on a star, like the Star Humans in Flux by Stephen Baxter, or the Suryas in Eclipse Phase going to war with each other?


I think it is referring to that tiff between Jay-Z and Solange…


I think it was a typo.


Really, they could have left Mark Hamill in that poster with his fine, Communist beard


Marx Hamill


Rasputin as Kylo Ren is perfect there.


(Small plug, here, for the return of the Sun-Eaters in the solicits for February’s The Green Lantern. Seems relevant.)


So, £11.99 for a Blu-Ray is pretty decent and Solo got that price applied, so decided to give it a buy.

Haven’t yet watched it, not sure when I will get around to it.

For all I get that brands work as a whole, so you get a divisive product like TLJ, it will impact on less so products of the same brand, thus Solo’s box office fate in part, it still does feel unfair to me that the one ends up paying for the sins of the other. This is going to be an interesting one.

Do also have Rebels S4 to watch too, think that’ll be first in line.


I was pleasantly surprised by Solo - going in with tempered expectations helped. Hope you enjoy it!


It’s ordered, not yet arrived. Frankly, it should be the kind of SW film that’s for me.


If they can go on treks, they can go to war, too.


“star wars”?


If it wasn’t for Return of the Jedi, I might never have decided I wanted to work in film. I wanted to make monsters. Nothing in my life would be the same if I hadn’t been inspired to follow that dream. I no longer work in film, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still have my dream job, even if I don’t make money doing it. So I’m going to be doing some Star Wars sketches for the next little while. I’ll post the first one here. It was so fun to work on. Jabba is amazing and I love drawing all those rolls and wrinkles. Check out my Instagram feed if you want to follow the progress on my sketches @Thesseleman.


That is one handsome Hutt!



I think Solo is probably the best of the four Disney films. It didn’t need to be about Han Solo though, they could have made up new characters and it would have been a better movie, and likely better received.




You’re not hitting it hard enough.