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Star Wars Movie Thread


There’s probably a photographer twenty feet away but had an intern take this so they didn’t have to deal with the invoice and CR hassle.



Englund makes that claim a lot so it’s interesting Hamill is speaking out about it now, years later.




I love me some Mark Hamill. I don’t love me some TLJ, but I loves me some Hamill.

More time to be on The Flash! Time for the real damned Trickster to lead one hardcore Rogue’s Gallery!


Say what you want about Lucas but at least he could take a joke.


Witness Star Wars Holiday Special. Ah, on second thought…


And with that, thousands of fanboys started crying…


And one old fart starts laughing…


The show has a lot of potential, including Boba Fett as a guest character.


So it got ate by a Sarlacc?

Come to think of it, Sarlacc digestion is a perfect version of development hell.


So the fan backlash against Star Wars has prevented the fans from getting their Boba Fett movie?



I suspect that theatrical Star Wars is going to be in a holding pattern until they see what the response to IX is. Solo ending up DOA at the box office has them spooked, because they see the franchise isn’t bulletproof. Nothing is going to get greenlit until they see how much money IX makes, and how many people respond to it.

They are focusing on The Mandalorian (Boba Fake?) because they want to use the Star Wars brand to push their streaming service.


Which is the right move, and I think that series has rather more potential than any other currently going Star Wars project does.


Is anyone watching Resistance?
I know it’s aimed at a younger audience but it is not good.
At all.
I guess it needs time. The clone wars took a while to get good.


I’m only interested in a restored version of the theatrical version of the original trilogy. Wake me up when that happens. :wink:


I almost feel bad for Disney. Marvel has come so easy for them - all these movie franchises and TV shows and almost every one a fan favorite. And yet with Star Wars they can’t seem to get it right at all.

I wonder what the difference is.


Disney is a big umbrella. The people working for the different franchises are very different. And I know you see this differently, but I do think Kevin Feige played a big role in Marvel’s success.


Complacency. Marvel are always the underdog and in each movie those involved have to work harder as the feeling is that people want to see them fail.

With Star Wars it’s the opposite. And I’m not saying the people involved don’t work as hard, but the perspective of it ‘being easy,’ come box office, means they don’t push for that little bit more - they either don’t colour outside the lines or ignore the colour things should be and the beauty of Star Wars falls out the bottom of the box everytime.

I suspect the next Star Wars to be very good because it bloody well has to be. The people involved won’t want to have destroyed the franchise in three movies.