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Star Wars Movie Thread


I think Gamergate showed them that if you speak the same language as geeks and bitch about the same things some of them do (particularly with regard to women in their spaces) then you can recruit a small but not insignificant number of them to more extremist causes.


I thought that Bryce Dallas Howard was in it, but now I see that she’s directing an episode. Interesting.


It’s a great direction for the series, and an even better one to not try and resurrect Boba to star in it. (Sorry, fans of nonsensical Star Wars resurrections.)


Oh, he was already nonsensically resurrected long ago.


I knew. In the comics. The one thing I don’t like about Solo is that it makes Maul’s return live action canon.


In fairness, Boba Fett’s canon death was so stupid that I wouldn’t be upset if he came back in-canon (I’m presuming his previous resurrection was chucked out with all the Extended Universe stuff years back).


something something crawled out of the Pit…It was just so…lame! The guy was iconic because he was so minimalist. In a lot of ways, he was the embodiment of the sentiment I heard George Lucas explain about his whole approach, which was to create big exotic things but spend only a bare minimum of time showing them, like Jabba’s barge. The complete opposite of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture approach. Sailing around the Enterprise for what my siblings like to exaggerate as two hours is the complete opposite of merely showing the scope of a Star Destroyer, which when mocked in, say, Spaceballs still doesn’t diminish but rather enhance the original filmmaking.

In short, less is more for Boba. But clearly the idea of him has long legs, and stuff like Jango or Mandalorian more than justifies that.



Since it was a lot of Russian hacker trolls putting down the last movie, should I still see it?


может быть.


Nyet, it is a crap movie. Also vote for Trump 2020.


The best way I can put it that is being wholly fair to the movie is that it is entirely a film that lives or dies on individual perception.



It was a mistake to have Boba Fett in Return of the Jedi period. What made him so cool in Empire Strikes Back is that he’s just this freelance hired gun who shows up and screws everything up for our heroes.

I think the only reason Lucas put him in ROTJ and sent him down the Sarlaac is because he was afraid the audience would be expecting him to show up at some point in the movie, somhe had to put him in and felt compelled to kill him off for that reason. Realistically, after he delivers Han to Jabba, he’s going to go off on another job and not cross paths with our heroes again.

And I don’t care what anyone says. He blasted his way out of the Sarlaac.


If Empire had been made in 2018 Boba Fett would have had a three picture deal by the end of opening weekend.



It’s an entertaining movie and worth watching anyway. Then, from a Star Wars perspective, you can go on and love or hate it.


@alx, you have to decide for yourself. I thought it was shit - except for Luke who was cool - but you might like it.



George Lucas on the set of ‘The Mandalorian’;

It’s great that he’s there, he’s obviously a pro and wants to support the people looking after the Star Wars universe now but… is that the best picture they could get of him on set???


Just think how bad the ones they didn’t use were.


It looks better when George lights the scene with his phone.