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Star Wars Movie Thread


Cue many General Hux style rants on Youtube and Twitter and elsewhere… that make Hux look restrained and diplomatic!


Sounds like maybe everyone is trying to save face.

I think that, after IX comes out at the end of 2019, there’s nothing else planned theatrically, and most of the content is going to be on Disney’s streaming service — Favreau’s live action series, the continuation of Clone Wars, and possibly the Obi-Wan movie. They seem to have scuppered the theatrical slate, save for the Benioff & Weiss project, which probably won’t start filming for a couple more years, and Rian Johnson is doing a film with Daniel Craig which will keep him busy for a while. At any rate, his trilogy seems to be on the back burner.

So while Kennedy will still be heading Lucasfilm, there probably won’t be another movie until after 2021.


I’m not sure Disney do ‘saving face’ at the moment. They do firing people.

We all know it’s not just movies, but the movies aren’t even the biggest part of it anymore. The movies are advertising, what they call “wave generators”. Disney, the corporation, wants to ride the whole wave.

Lucasfilm, like all Disney acquisitions, is a long term investment. I have no doubt that they would like to push more films out into cinemas every year, but what matters with the brand is that people still want ‘Star Wars’ stuff in another forty years time.

Disney aren’t just making movies, they’re building a theme park, and will roll out versions of it around the world over time. That investment in concrete and steel can’t become a white elephant that people don’t bother to visit. They want it to be an attraction that generates real income over decades.

And Lucasfilm still have to bring back Indiana Jones. Even if Ford and Spielberg do make their last film in the series (which they are still on course to do) it will be the last. Ford wont be doing fight scenes when he’s 80. So that’ll be rebooted in some way and that’s going to be an important part of Disney’s plan too.

If Disney thought that Kennedy would get in the way of any of that, she’d be going out the door with a nice payoff and everyone pretending it was a mutual agreement.



TV Insider shared a first look at Mark Hamill in History’s Knightfall. He’s playing Talus, an initiates master who’s training knights and carries around the scars from being held as a prisoner of war for ten years during the crusade. I wouldn’t cross him.

Original post:

A battle-scarred veteran knight has been in exile for years. Eventually, he returns to the fray to train the next generation of warriors. Well, who else are you going to get for that role but Mark Hamill? On the History Channel‘s Knightfall, a drama series about the Knights Templar, the Last Jedi will become Talus, one of the last Crusaders (as in the actual Crusades, not the Indiana Jones version) in the just-greenlit second season.


Is that really an article saying that mark Hamill looks like mark Hamill.
Did that need evidencing…


From the picture I actually thought it was Hopkins. :sob:


Not sure if he’ll nail the accent, but the Alan Moore biopic is looking good so far.


EDIT: No idea why the pic attached to the link is so friggin enormous. Apologies for accosting everyone with a close up of Adam Driver’s face.

EDIT 2: Never mind. It looks normal now. I rescind my apology.


What the fuck is wrong with Russia? Have they nothing better to do that troll the planet?


Sounds like a typical piece of pop journalism trying to deflect from criticism.


Well at least Russian trolls have taste.


They’re missing the real story. Russian trolls causing huge on line divisions by saying nice things about Man of Steel.


I always knew @RonnieM was a Russian troll!


When he was in London he made a point of ordering the ale and avoiding any vodka… suspiciously… :beer:


“After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic,” Favreau shared in an post on his verified Instagram account.


A ‘Star Wars’ show should work fine as a western, and they’re keeping all the details we know and love best; the original trilogy stuff.

I think (depending on the quality of the writing) it could be very successful.


Saw the title and rolled my eyes.
I read to this

and suddenly I’m all in. This sounds far more like my thing. The Mandalorian with no name is a show I can get behind.



Yeah, this could be very cool indeed.


Interesting that they have apparently started filming on The Mandalorian. I wonder if that means we’ll get casting announcements soon, or if they’re trying to keep it under wraps for a while.