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Star Wars Movie Thread


I’ll get on that. I dislike the film, but I think the “your parents were nothing” scene was really well handled. Especially in light of the rest of the movie.



That’s an interesting style of animation. Looks like it’ll work well.


Potentially more fun than the movies.





Oh just fuck off with that shit.

Grant isn’t playing Thrawn

Smith isn’t playing Thrawn.

No one is playing fucking Thrawn.

Fecking hell, I like Thrawn, he’s a great character, but does the internet have no damn imagination?


At this point, you are asking THAT question?


So, who do I have to head butt to get Rebels S4 on UK DVD?


Well, you have to put on the glasses first:


This is the kind of Star Wars discussion that I can support. He mostly talks about camera moves, but I’m all for a deeper talk of the craft in these movies.


Patrick Willems has some really good videos out there. His one about plot holes from a week or two back was brilliant.


After many, many Jody-delivered head butts, lo there came a release date for Rebels Season 4 on BR / DVD - end of October.

Why they were so damn secretive over a disc release of a finished series, set long, long before Episode IX is anybody’s guess.

Hopefully, they won’t screw around in the same way with the eventual release of the new Clone Wars.


Putting this in the general thread;