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Star Wars Movie Thread


It’s actually a theory that I always quite liked and which I thought worked quite well for the reasons you mention. It occurred to me when I first watched AotC and I half-expected it to be a big reveal in RotS.

But it still would have felt like an extra twist for the sake of it, and would definitely have been complained about as ruining the story of the OT for some people.


Why on earth would you do that?


It makes perfect sense, because midichlorians.


Like Skywalker not being Luke Skywalker is a terrible idea I think. It takes away the power of the story and would make a mess of the Star Wars brand.


Fixed that for you.


The concept of Anakin’s immaculate conception is just part of Palpatine’s master plan to manipulate the Jedi. Palppy is Anakin’s pappy and used the force to wipe his mother’s memory. I’m sticking with that theory since it’s the only way the prequels make sense to me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That was what a lot of people assumed. Although again it does that thing of making the universe feel even smaller by making Palpatine a Skywalker too.

(Or making all the Skywalkers Palpatines, I guess.)

I’m glad it was never explicitly confirmed either way.


That ship already passed when they made Leia a skywalker.


Why would Palpatine only have one child and abandon him in to be a slave?

I don’t see what’s so terrible about kids just getting powers. It’s better than every single Jedi having to be the child of a Jedi. It’s means anyone can be special, which I think was the point. Unlike Harry Potter where I think all wizards are kids of wizards.

The immaculate conception thing is a bit weird, I guess it was Lucas saying stop asking about the Skywalker lineage.


Not even that. Hermione is the best wizard in the books and learns all the spells faster than the others and she’s a ‘mudblood’ (i.e. no wizard lineage at all).


Her parents are dentists. It doesn’t get less magical than that.


Before the Great Reboot, one of the books, Darth Plagueis, pretty much hinted that Anakin’s birth had been due to the Sith-engineered imbalance in the Force, created 200 years earlier.


I completely agree but it still makes more sense than Anakin’s mother waking up pregnant without explanation. Are all the Jedi in the prequels children of other Jedi? Maybe just the most powerful? Seems more likely that George screwed the pooch when writing TPM.


From what we’ve seen, it looks like Force sensitivity (midichlorian concentration?) can be passed from parent to child, but it’s also pretty obvious that Force sensitivity also just happens, in a genetic luck of the draw kind of way.

This could also be one reason that Jedi are forbidden to marry: the fear that families would form Jedi houses and Jedi dynasties, and become too powerful both politically and in the Force. With Force ability able to be quantified through midichlorian counts, there’s the risk of Jedi families intentionally breeding more and more powerful Jedi.


It seems that RJ really wanted to step away from the lineage idea and explore the spontaneous anomaly idea more.
I think that is fine and a worthy concept.
The issue was that JJA clearly didn’t have that in mind, and it was ham fisted to just run rough shot over what was previously set up.


I mean, it’s not really that spontaneous, I mean - midichlorians and all.
Qui-Gon never says that only Jedi has them, but that everyone and everything does.

Let’s face it, Lucas was a genius.


The middle of sequel trilogy doesn’t seem like the best place to do that, and even then, it’s not a terribly interesting concept. I mean, the prequels were, by implication, based around this. The Jedi ranks were composed of Force-sensitive beings collected by the Jedi. The Skywalker lineage becomes interesting because its an outlier, and by extension, why there’s a whole nine part saga centered around them.

At any rate, with the Disney purchase, there should be plenty of films to experiment with. Just let the Skywalkers have the saga, wrap it up with a neat little bow, and go do new things.



Yeah, exactly. I always said I hoped she wasn’t related to anybody, and I think that it’s a good thing they actually went with completely unknown, mundane parents for precisely that reason.


I’ll be honest, I was cheering on the inside at that bit.

I’ll take all the other criticisms of that film but I was hoping for that kind of answer and anything but ‘daughter of Luke’. It’s from an unreliable narrator so JJ could just row it back but I hope he doesn’t.