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Star Wars Movie Thread


I thought Superman was Space Jesus.


Superman was far too much of a radical communist to be Jesus


Isn’t Jesus also Space Jesus? Or is it a Green Lantern thing and there’s different Jesuses for each sector?


Sure but every theory before today was Jedi linked because she had Force powers.

This one just transfers it from Luke being an arsehole who abandoned a child probably to die to Han being an adulterous arsehole who abandoned a child probably to die. :wink:


You’ve been reading @Lorcan_Nagle’s fan fiction, haven’t you?


Of course, that’s more BSG than SW.


This is the appeal, in part, of Wedge “Unkillable” (until Episode IX) Antilles.

What irked me on this is TLJ trying to claim it as some brilliant new thing that SW had never done. It’s in there from the start and, in the PT, Lucas doubled down on Anakin’s power being a curse rather a gift. TLJ’s ‘critique’ is, to me, of SW fans who latched onto the whole ‘holy blood’ bollocks from the mid-noughties onwards.

(There’s definitely a place for a meta SW movie, but I’m not convinced a main sequence one is it.)


Except this is the Star Wars saga, which was set up in the previous six films to be a family saga.

If you’re making a sequel trilogy, it sort of has to have a third generation Skywalker as a protagonist, otherwise what’s the point?

And there are enough breadcrumbs in TFA that point to Rey being Luke’s daughter… the lightsaber calling to her, no last name, physical resemblence to Natalie Portman and Carrie Fisher, she has a vague fixation on parents though she doesn’t seem to know who they are, she’s not only strong with the Force but seems like she’s been trained to use it, and she’s living on a planet within driving distance of the Millennium Falcon and the guy who knows Luke’s secret location, and Kylo Ren seemed to know about a girl on Jakku. Not to mention the trauma of losing a wife and child is the kind of thing that would send Luke into exile. And finding her alive is the kind of thing that would bring him back into the story and redeem his character.


And, of course, Rey is a Skywalker. She has stars on her feet.


She’ll be whoever JJ wants her to be. If he wants to retcon anything then it’ll happen.


Well Rey and Kylo seemed to have some romantic tension in TLJ, so since this is Star Wars it’s well possible they’re related.

But I really hope not.



This tired conversation again? What kind of good parents leave their young daughter with Simon Pegg (Unkar Plutt. the junker/borderline slaver) on a wasteland planet? There is nothing in the movie that makes Plutt look like someone you leave your kid with. Of course her parents are arseholes. They left her with an arsehole!

Hell, even Galen Erso had a better backup plan for his daughter, and he left her with a violent revolutionary!


When Ben and the Knights of Ren turned on Luke and destroyed his Jedi Academy, Luke’s wife was killed and his daughter, Rey, was presumed dead as well. But the reality is that Ben couldn’t bring himself to kill her, used the Force to cloud her memory, and took her away to Jakku to hide his failure from Snoke. From what we saw in TFA, when Han confronted him on the Starkiller Base, Ben, who wants to be an evil bastard like his grandfather, struggles against his light side. It’s in character for him to not kill her. And he also seemed to know something about a girl on Jakku. And that is why nobody from Han to Leia to Luke recognizes Rey, because they all think she died in the battle.

So Luke not only lost his Jedi Academy, but his family as well. He had everything taken away from him. That is the kind of loss I could see breaking Luke and sending him into self-exile.


I don’t know why people want to persevere with this Luke’s daughter idea when even if you can cover up how shitty it makes him look with plot acrobatics it’s also the most obvious and boring answer ever.


No, Rian Johnson gave the most boring answer possible in his passive-aggressively terrible movie.


I can see the issues with that answer but the joy of Empire Strikes Back was the surprise. If the result of all the hints are all the most obvious answers possible I also fail to see the thrill in a movie that just goes through the motions of telling us what we all assumed.



I agree with this, and I think it was such a powerful moment that it has hung over the franchise ever since.

When the prequel trilogy came out people were speculating over Anakin’s parentage too (given all the ‘conceived by the Force’ stuff in TPM), not to mention the theories that there might be a further twist by making Obi-Wan secretly Luke and Leia’s father.

It’s as though there’s a constant desire and expectation for the franchise to repeat that moment, when if they did it would always come off as just an imitation of that Luke and Vader scene.


That one’s still in play.

When you watch II and III with the idea that Obi-Wan and Padme were lovers (a fling that began at some point before II), it’s an interesting experience. You can certainly read a lot of things in the films that way.

It’s like, you get that idea in your head, and all of this stuff like Kenobi jumping out of the window to chase the assassin droid, “Anakin is the father, isn’t he?”, and the final confrontation between Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme on Mustafar takes on a whole new dimension. Not to mention that in their scenes together, Nat has more chemistry than Ewan than she does with Hayden. Probably down Ewan being a more experienced actor, but still…

Personally, I like the idea of Obi-Wan and Padme being, uh, friends with benefits, but I don’t think Kenobi is the father of the twins.