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Star Wars Movie Thread


EDIT: Just scrolled up and saw the other link.


They’ve added her now. Weird.








I like the idea that he cast her and wrote the script but doesn’t have a role for her yet. It’s not Mission: Impossible.


I thought the same thing, it’s a bit late in the day.


Jar Jar Binks?




Aaaaaand yet another theory about Rey’s parentage:


The whole point of the drive for the parentage explanation was where she got such powerful command of the force. That’s why nobody was ever asking who Finn or Poe’s parents were. If it’s some link to Luke or Leia or Obi Wan or even bloody Mace Windu it makes sense.

That she’s the child of two characters that have no Jedi abilities at all doesn’t. .


I don’t know if that’s entirely true. People thought it would be someone we knew partly because it made it more dramatically interesting for her to be the secret child of an existing character. The whole ‘I am your father’ angle.

Making the parents nobodies was a way of pushing back against the idea that ‘everything is connected’, as well as the idea that force-sensitive characters had to have force-sensitive parents (which we already know from the prequels isn’t true anyway).

I think at this point it would be a bit odd to reverse that reversal and make the parents ‘known’ characters after all. And even odder to make one of them a supporting character from a Star Wars movie that half the Star Wars audience didn’t even bother to see.


As the bit I added said, Finn was joint lead in that first film and nobody has speculated (well there’s bound to be somebody but not normal people).

I suspect JJ will follow this theory. :smile:


Possibly because Finn didn’t have a whole subplot in TFA focusing on his mysterious missing parents, how they abandoned him and how he was convinced they would be back for him some day. :slight_smile:


I think Rey being the parents of “nobodies” sends a message, that anyone can succeed despite the status of your parents.

You can become a superstar even if your father is a street sweeper. I like that.


Didn’t Darth Vader prove that first? :slight_smile:


Wasn’t Darth Vader Space Jesus?