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Star Wars Movie Thread


It’s handled. :wink:


I wouldn’t say people are down on it so much as most people don’t care about seeing it. I’ve heard it’s an enjoyable movie from those who have seen it, but I’m still not all that interested in it.


It is interesting. Obviously, when a movie doesn’t do well, that only means that people didn’t want to go see it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the movie was not worth seeing.

However, the word of mouth hasn’t been that appealing really. More along the lines of “it’s all right. Not a bad time.” Not something that stands out from all the rest.


David should’ve seen it sooner and told everyone it’s great.

Disney will be after him now.


“exciting and fun”
- David Meadows

Yeah, I think that would’ve gotten me to the movies. Damn, David!


“I wasn’t bothered about going but my friend wanted to so I thought I may as well” - David Meadows

…would also be accurate :smiley:


That has been the reaction from most, including mine, I enjoyed it but it is probably a hard sell when tickets for a family plus popcorn can cost a lot of money. The temptation would be wait for DVD/Netflix.




I should see these films because I know they’ll be referenced at work, but I went to see this one at a cheaper cinema.

And it was still a case of; “Should I wait and home watch it?”

As long as they grade it right for home viewing I think it’s a good choice for that.

To be clear, I like the film, but I’m one of the people who liked it rather than loved it.



No. It’s not.


Yes. It is.


Well, I feel like we’ve represented both sides of the argument pretty fairly there.

Same time next week?


I definitely think Star Wars lost some of its magic. But it’s a process which has been going on for a while.


It can be two things and it depends which thing you’re looking at and from which perspective at which point in time.


Pick a side Switzerland!


I definitely think Solo is to blame for it too, I thought it was atrocious, worse than The Last Jedi. I can’t get over how ugly the whole movie looked.

(Well not the whole movie, I went to see Deadpool after the intermission so I didn’t see the whole movie)


I’ll go a step further and say that franchises can’t play by normal rules, and this is something that general audiences, critics, directors, and studio executives can’t wrap their heads around.

Alien3 is a perfect example of this.

Alien3 is, objectively, a pretty good movie. Fincher’s direction is great, the script is good, and it has a great cast. It’s not a bad way to spend two hours.

But it’s a disaster as a third Alien movie. It de-escalated the threat from the second movie. By killing off Newt (and Hicks) it not only invaldated the events of Aliens, but it eliminated a potential lead to continue the franchise without Ripley, who also died in the movie.


This is why I think people will be debating the failure of Solo (financially) for years. I loved The Last Jedi, and might not have made it out to see Solo if I didn’t have MoviePass. Aside from Glover as Lando nothing about it looked interesting to me, and while I ended up thinking it was entertaining enough, I also think it did little creatively to justify its existence leave a desire for more.

It’s like some have said in this thread - everyone wants something different out of Star Wars, and it’s probably impossible to make a SW film without pissing off a good chunk of the audience.


Solo was a stupid idea with even stupider scheduling.

I quite enjoyed watching it, it’s fun enough and no disaster of a production but you set an impossible task to begin with to emulate the charisma of Ford, then you make the same mistake again of answering questions nobody really wanted to be answered.

The 5 month gap means I know people who like Star Wars who said they were barely aware it was out. I know the follow up to that is Marvel frequent releases but I think they can also occupy their own space, Spider-Man: Homecoming really isn’t that much like Guardians vol 2.

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