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Star Wars Movie Thread


It sounds like the entirety of SW’ operations took their market for granted.


And, just for reference, in 2008 that $150 would have bought you this Millennium Falcon:


I think Rogue One convinced Disney they could put a Star Wars label on anything and fans would show up.

It’s amazing that Marvel have avoided this trap.


In terms of how a SW film worked with other media in a coordinated and effective fashion, Rogue One is arguably the example!

You had a lead-in novel, which altered how the opening of the film plays out - but is still optional and the same opening works fine without it. Comic adaptation that did extra scenes plus a Cassian and K2 one-shot. I also heard Rebels S4 was all aimed at leading to the Battle of Scarif too. Which brings in the Thrawn books as well.

That’s damn smart and it was all only a year to 18 months ago.

It’s the ST that hogs the limelight, the ST that everything is leading to and guess what’s incredibly divisive? Hmm, let me see…


That’s a great collecting toy, the playability is pretty limited since everything seems to tumble when a kid plays with it.
I got the electronic version that was released a few years earlier, basically the original with upgraded paint, light up engines, sound fx and launching missile. Got it for $80 on eBay with Luke,Han, Leia, chewie and the droids. Apparently the seller discovered girls and was raising money for an engagement ring. I imagine that stuff is in higher demand now due to the crap they are putting out now.



I think this is a big deal. The new fans of the Force Awakens and Last Jedi may like the new characters but probably don’t have the same collecting habit as the long term fans who would buy two of everything.

In that same regard, the new fans of the post-Lucas Lucasfilm films also probably aren’t the sort to buy tickets to see a film six to ten times.

It was that return business and many, multiple merchandise purchasing habit that made Star Wars the powerhouse brand.


I think Jason also has a good point with the cost of the toys. I won’t buy them for my kids, they are a complete rip off. Little lumps of plastic made in China for $15, I’ll get the fakes in the market for $1.50.


There is a special oubliette in Hell for the makers of shit toys.


I wouldn’t say they are shit, or that good for that matter, but they are expensive. When we were kids there was a big collectable element and I don’t think that’s viable any more. You’d be a thousand bucks in before you start considering IG-88 and Bossk.

I think it’s mainly adults buying the action figures nowadays.


When the Star Wars toys first came out in the late 1970s, it was not just the action figures but the vehicles and playsets for them. There were numerous toys that your figure could pilot or play on. I just don’t see them nowadays. I see plenty of figures but barely and vehicles or playsets.

I think that is a very accurate statement. I don’t think older children play with toys in general like they used. A lot of the toys today seem geared towards the adult collector, not for children to play with. I think toymakers have realized this and geared a lot of their lines for adults. They have higher price points and are more intricately designed. It seems like this is a cash grab at a dwindling Gen X market, which sounds a lot likef the Big Two comics companies strategies.


My young cousins mostly play with Minecraft toys. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them with action figures.


I wouldn’t be surprised if kids play with Star Wars LEGO sets more than actual SW figures.


I was at my cousin’s recently and his boys had all Lego Star Wars, I didn’t see any other SW toys in their “displays”.



Well I’ve finally seen Solo.

Why are people being so down on it? I thought it was great.


I think mainly because they didn’t think it was great.


Things I liked about Solo:

Obviously the music and the Falcon and the look of the world that says “Star Wars” - these are automatic triggers and so cheap wins for the film :smiley:

Beyond that, I thought Ehrenreich did a tremendous job as an actor. He had all of Han’s (Ford’s) mannerisms down perfectly. I’ve never heard of him before, but on the strength of this performance, I think he’s a guy to look out for.

Similarly, Glover was a note-perfect Lando. And the writing for Lando was better than it was for Han, he was brilliantly realised. This basically was the Lando that exists in my mind.

No complaints about the rest of the cast, all solidly performed characters, in the cardboard-stereotype way that Star Wars characters are supposed to be, with only whatsername from Westworld seeming a bit unconvincing (maybe because I was constantly projecting Maeve on her and she was falling short :smiley: ).

It basically it was just good fun. Not the cleverest or deepest film in the galaxy, but sometimes you just need something to be exciting and fun.

Plus: Millennium Falcon :heart_eyes:


I don’t think people who watched it have been that down on it. I think here most enjoyed it remembering the comments but didn’t think it was ‘great’. (It’s 70% on Rotten Tomatoes which is okay too).

Most of the negativity has come from the box office (which is undeniably bad for a Star Wars film).


Yeah. And I hope that somebody at Disney is making the connection that maybe it’s not Solo’s fault that it bombed but rather that people like me didn’t feel any urge at all to watch another Star Wars movie for a good long while after The Last Jedi.

I think it was Millar who went on a bit here ages ago about how the quality of a movie in a series of movies doesn’t always impact that movie’s own impact but more that of a sequel? I think Solo might be a case of that happening, and if that’s what’s happenin, Ep.9 will have to do a lot of work.