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Star Wars Movie Thread


I think the prequel trilogy’s determination to over-explain and over-expose every supporting character from the OT might actually be trumped if they actually went for Stoned Snail Dude: A Star Wars Story.

(Come to think of it, he’s probably already had his own series of novels in the old EU.)


Yeah, Ewan McGregor could, right now, play Obi-Wan from just about any point between the trilogies without a problem. The dude’s a chameleon.

Age is a weird thing… you mention Capaldi being the same age as Hartnell, but right now Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp are also now the same age Hartnell was when he started playing Doctor Who. Granted, Hartnell looked like he was eighty rather than mid-50s.






Wow, Disney owns Rick & Morty now too?


If not they’ll buy it.




It’s not impossible, but firing her after one under-performing movie would be a radical decision.

Bringing in a couple more (experienced) people to broaden the opinions in the room would make more sense.


I’m not sure it’s just that - the director issues with Rogue One, Solo and Episode IX and the general lack of a clear direction for the franchise as a whole are all part of the perceived problem too, I think.


Well I perceive those problems, as do most people here, but Disney has it’s own way of looking at things and I’m not sure they’re worried about the lack of clear direction.

Disney (if I understand corporate thinking at that level) are thinking about their brand first and ‘Solo’ can be seen as a warning sign there; it sold a lot of tickets, but not as many as expected.

It’s not a disaster yet though, so firing the head of the division (Lucasfilm) is a big move.


I don’t disagree with any of that - I just don’t think that Solo is the first ‘warning sign’, so I don’t think the decision would be particularly radical or knee-jerk if it happens. Although a big move, certainly.


And I agree on that, but neither of us is Bob Iger.


Or are you?


So Drew McWeeny has an opinion on this;


To be honest, whatever the truth of the matter, Randolph is only articulating speculation over Kennedy that has been doing the rounds among fans for quite a while now.

So it’s not just unfounded speculation, it’s old unfounded speculation. :slight_smile:


It’s old but popular, unfounded speculation, which is why it’s been picked up and spread around so fast.


How could Disney not be questioning the leadership of the Star Wars franchise considering the place the franchise finds itself in right now?