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Star Wars Movie Thread


I’ll only be happy when we get a Bossk trilogy.


I want a John Wick type movie with that power droid who gets his feet branded in Jabba’s Palace.


Heh. I assume there’s a comic that’s been built around him/her?

Or maybe the character is non-binary?

Space lizard genders are less defined?


I’m looking forward to the prequel, Bossk Baby.


It might be a relief to know there’s other like you out there Dave:



Only a relief for me, not for anyone else.


I’m holding out for a Porkins movie where he just eats porgs all the way through before the climatic scene where he struggles to get his fat ass into his x-wing.


They should go for broke:

Porkins ate so much that when his X-Wing crashed it had so much mass it smashed through to the Death Star core and blew it to crap.

EDIT: Make it a Porg-narrated horror film, as this lone survivor tells of this remorseless, perpetually Porg- consuming fat bastard force of nature. Its Dad, Mum, siblings, friends - all were eaten.





Bossk was a male Trandoshan bounty hunter and the son of Cradossk who was known for hunting Wookiees.


Aaw hey, come on now. I’m not sure that my disinterested response really counted as a controversy.


Okay, let’s rephrase this so that it makes sense: to the studios, Joel Edgerton is a known and valuable commodity. It now seems fairly apparent that opinions differ on this at MW, but the fact remains Disney would be interested, if a Kenobi movie were presented to it with a substantial part for Uncle Owen, with Edgerton agreeing to reprise the role. That would significantly enhance its pedigree.

…And people, seriously, figure out how awesome Joel Edgerton is, already. I guarantee you he is and always will be a better actor than John Cena…


Yeah but he’s no Meryl Streep.


I remember who Bossk was (I feel seriously geeky admitting that) but the gender things: retcon!


Okay. I will stipulate that Streep would be a more than adequate substitute. And the first Star Wars acting nomination.


The problem with a Kenobi movie is that McGregor (and Edgerton, if you want him) will be 20 years older than he was in the last prequel. Which makes baby Luke… uh… well, basically, you’ll be making episode 4.


McGregor was aged-up a bit for Episode III though. He could still play that age today.


Yeah it’s fine. No specific ages are given in the films and whatever their real ages McGregor looks at least 20 years younger than Guinness was in the first film. (A bit like Peter Capaldi being as old as William Hartnell but looking nothing like it).

It’s the old movie magic, like the Karate Kid was 29 but still playing in high school.


Buncha maroons. What’s the jumping-off point?
Tales of the Mos Eisley Cantina.

You can lead producers to an idea, but ya can’t make 'em think.