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Star Wars Movie Thread


I never got the thing of hate mail or hate posts. If I don’t like someone or what they’re doing, why make a bother of it? What am I, some kind of literature policeman? I find it absurdist. Of course, I also find not resolving ongoing issues rather ridiculous, but I seem to be alone in a sea of humanity that keeps doing same dumb things. But, yeah, sometimes I don’t have a new opinion about how much I hated TLJ and that it destroyed a beloved franchise in my cold, elderly heart; but sometimes I have a new way of saying how much I hate it!

Gotta keep the writing chops sharp!


A lot of people do it either to get the creator to stop doing it altogether or to try and help “make it better.” Everyone thinks they have a better idea of how to do something. A lot of people would be in for a big surprise to learn a lot of other people would hate their way as much as the way it was originally done…


I see your point, maybe that specific occasion is not the proper place to express that opinion.


I’ve seen your posts about Trump.


I have a major issue with the attack on Nathalie Emmanuel. Firstly from a clear ethical basis we’d all agree with.

Secondly, dear god she’s so wonderful in every way, I’m not worthy to cut her toenails. My perfect Game of Thrones has Nathalie Emmanuel in every scene for 24 hours a day. :smile:


However, you still felt the need to remind everyone he’s far from your favorite writer.


The difference is that I rarely give my opinion of Mark’s writing in here.


Well, I’ve tried to keep them mild.

So there’s either Do, or Do Not…


Oh, and we’re talking about the level of hatred Mark gets in the abstract, rather than a specific harassment campaign against him


And the general hatred of Mark is more that people moan about him when his name comes up or if they’re discussing his influence on Marvel’s creative direction, which is a totally different, if still irrational reaction to his work.


And it goes on. Mark made a pole shift in the way and what he writes. It was once trying to get over the top every time, then it ameliorated a bit (circa Ultimates) and moved on to some pretty steady darned good writing. I’m enjoying following the journey.

Unlike TLJ, which was like discovering just how long the roadkill had been there.


So… you think Star Wars always sucked?


Everything was just fine up until the Ewoks threw that barbeque. It has been quite the slippery slope since.


This is the Star Wars thread. This is where you’re supposed to talk about how much you hate it. If you have any positive opinions, those belong on the Politics thread.


I loved Star Wars until they had Luke say he was going to Toshi station to pick up some power converters. That ruined everything and I became deeply cynical.


But I… don’t hate Star Wars?


Train properly, get a certificate, open a pedicure boutique and one day, if the gods smile on you…


That’s part of the problem, though. Yes, everyone in the public eye faces potential criticism or vitriol. But for women and PoC it’s a very gendered and racialized form of criticism very often (and the vitriolic sort is already separate from criticism of the work itself, rather than something directed at the individual). These people conflate all three and use that as cover, and often turn around and play the victim when their targets respond by blocking them out insulting them, playing the “attacking the fans” card.


People in the Star Wars thread are saying they don’t hate Star Wars? Now political correctness has truly gone too far.


Thing is, SW is an old storyline, an old narrative that has to compete with other stories out there.

James Bond for example, has to compete now with Bourne, Tom Cruise in the M:I movies, the Taken movies, and so on.

It is tough to be at one time the first and way ahead to now be in the middle of the pack.