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Star Wars Movie Thread


When you said “Love”, I thought you were talking about this movie. (I have not seen it myself.)


Can’t speak for everyone else but I have. It’s the weekend.


You can say that about anything though. By original I mean “movies that reference something besides other Star Wars movies.”


I had one beer last night. That’s been it for me this weekend.


Yikes, slow down Todd.


Yeah, I’m out of control.



I’m 45 years old. If they wait 2 or 3 years between movies like everyone wants them to… Hell, do he math.


There’s math? They said there wouldn’t be any math.


Disney want a movie every year. It’s a cornerstone of their product lines.

Be glad it’s not 4 movies a year like Marvel.


I would actually like to see four MCU movies (three “Marvel” and one “X”) three or four DCCU movies a year (three “DC” and one “Bat family”), one Star Wars movie, one Star Trek movie, and one Wizarding World movie every calendar year.

Providing, of course, that they aren’t shitty movies.

Which is, I suppose, the real trick.


I’m extremely tempted to get out the lightsabers, costume and puppet!
Taking a break 1/2 way through AOTC.


Oh, I have some bad news for you.


I made it through AOTC with the help of the fast forward button. Worse than I remembered it being. A few cool moments but mostly a hot mess of bad cgi characters are even worse green screen environments. Dialogue was crap, Anakin seemed like a whiny punk in his best moments and an ultra creepy stalker when he engaged with padme.
I was looking forward to the Yoda vs Dooku boss battle…my nostalgia was better than the actual scene.


Every fanbase has its share of assholes.


How horrible for her! She did a very professional job, and obviously did everything the script required of her. She did fine. The script sucked.


Yep, I didn’t like the character as it was written but that isn’t the actor’s fault, she did fine. All actors were quite OK in TLJ.


As bad as some fanatic fans can be, this isn’t just fan-lunacy, this is racist and sexist assholes seeing an opportunity to do what they love; be racist and sexist assholes.


It is weird. I mean, think about it. If somebody is a Superman fan, for example, then why would they act like a villain? Why would they do stuff for which Superman would punch you in face? If someone’s a Star Wars fan, then acting like that is contrary to the whole idea of Star Wars.

It’s like being a Christian racist. Do you not see the contradiction?


I find it interesting how many people have felt the urge to say “she shouldn’t be harassed but her character sucked/TLJ sucked!”. Like, do you maybe think that the fact that people who didn’t like The Last Jedi won’t SHUT THE FUCK UP about how they didn’t like it contributed to the nasty attitude that enabled this harassment?


From the start Disney has been quite open about its intent to improve SW’ representation - and in that respect, they’ve been doing well. They may not have gone as far as some might like, but they’ve definitely improved things.

Unfortunately, with that has come a very toxic backlash that was there long before TLJ, it erupted over the Aftermath novel due to that having openly gay characters and women as lead characters. (Strangely the comics have been far more immune, while doing the same moves, but maybe that’s because the same bunch are too busy complaining about diversity and superheroes.)