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Star Wars Movie Thread


You called? :laughing:


Oh hi, you’re still wrong but Todd is even more wrong. At least about Rogue One. It’s nice to see a different tone and story judging by this trailer.


Is this going to be a Star Wars movie with even less Jedi than The Force Awakens?
I don’t really look forward to that prospect.


I actually kind of like the idea of a Jedi-less Star Wars film especially if it’s taking place anytime after the rise of the Empire. Jedi’s were rare and there is a much larger world to explore.


Okay, I just watched the trailer.
It looked better than I first thought. But then Godzilla had amazing trailers before the film fell completely flat for me.

No Mads Mikkelsen in that trailer?


Less sand and snow would be good.
Besides its got Donnie Yen in Jedi mode plus Wash is back in space.


I don’t see any dying bothans. :confused:


It’s not a BvS trailer. They’re not going to show everything; besides they’re the prelude to the final boss battle.


I really would have preferred the narrative this time be a male POV character. Lord knows I want more equality in gender and ethnicity, but Rey really worked narratively, this feels a little like they’re running with the in-thing of feisty young YA protagonists. I want equality, not fads. Twice in a row kind of takes away from how utter thrilling and moment defining I found it to have such a great female character in the ‘Luke’ roll for The Force Awakens.

Having said that, it’s a minor niggle in an otherwise great looking new Star Wars film :grinning:


I thought the trailer was pretty cool – as I said in the other thread, I was surpirsed how space opera-y this feels and Im totally on board for that.

I was expecting some kind of Star Wars mission impossible, but this looks like it has cool regally-clad villains and lots of aggrandizing.


That was Death Star II. :wink:


I’m basis this on nothing but I wonder if he is the all in black with the black hood bad guy.

This trailer looked fantastic.


So six times in a row with a male protagonist is fine but two in a row with a female is a bit much?

I’m amazed at this comment to be honest. I don’t really define what entertains me that way.


Genevieve O’Reilly. She also played her in Revenge of the Sith, but her scenes were cut.


I know, I know, It’s not even like me to think that to be honest. I was just really sort of looking forward to a character I could empathize with more in this one. You’re right, it’s selfish after having the originals, especially growing up.


Especially after Fury Road. Too many girls in EVERYTHING these days :wink:


I say too few. Give me more. A lot of the comics I’m enjoying now actually have female leads too. I’m waiting for the female creator renaissance to happen now.


I think Bernadette was being sarcastic. :wink:

You always miss that Ronnie. :smile:


There was even a winking smiley! :slight_smile:


It’s okay, Parker. You get Diego Luna to empathise with. He’s got a cool swagger like a certain mutant. Can’t recall the name but you like him :wink:

Was I? I’m never sarcastic.