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Star Wars Movie Thread


I think it was the last chance, pretty sure every release after was SE.


This is what I mean by Disney screwing up Star Wars. The prequels at least targeted a new generation of kids. The sequels seem to be fan service to Gen X. That’s why we have a movie this month about a 40 year old character - it’s Cobra Kai for Star Wars fans. I feel bad for kids, Star Wars only offers them Rey and Kylo Ren as new characters and while Rey is cool I feel bad for any kid who’s dressing up a Ren. Can you imagine as a kid having to dress up as Vader instead of Han or Luke? Finn and Po seem to be complete failures as characters in terms of inspiring a new generation. Even Anikin seemed to get kids excited.


Yeah, but I can’t remember if that VHS release was before or after the announcement of the Special Editions.


The movies aren’t where they’re hooking kids. They’re doing that through the cartoons. My daughter’s WAY more interested in Ezra, Sabine, and the rest of the Ghost crew than she is about the movies.

That said, she’s SUPER excited about Solo. First time she’s asked me to take her to the movies for anything that isn’t a cartoon.


The set that came out when I was in high school (1995, black boxes, blue/purple/red for the titles) came out before the SE announcement.

And I remember I lent it to a friend and didn’t get it back before we left for college, leaving me thinking I was out of luck until the SEs were announced.


Finn was a complete bait and switch from the Force Awakens marketing. It would take a concerted narrative effort for him to recover interest, and I don’t think they’re going to take the time.


Your daughter has great taste. I became very invested in the Ghost crew. Dave Filoni, the creator, has been doing Star Wars cartoons back since Clone Wars. I saw at a comic con last year for Rebels and he seems like a great guy who loves his work and it looks like he will be working on the new animated series too, which is a great thing,imo.


My son still thinks the franchise is called Star Wars Rebels. He calls it that even when we see the movies.


That’s likely for the best.


They have other methods, but I think the prequels did a great job of getting that generation to become fans. I’m surprised they’ve skipped that this time with the new movies.


I think maybe it’s because they didn’t have multiple “mainstream” avenues last time. The long-form Clone Wars didn’t become a thing until three years after Sith. I reckon Clone Wars showed them a better way to hook 'em young.

Now if only they’d be more consistent with toys for the cartoons. Because that knocks the wind out of my argument.



Yes, the '95 VHS release (also known as “Faces”) was the release promoted as your last chance to own the Star Wars movies. These were released in both pan and scan and in a special deluxe widescreen boxed set. (I got the widescreen.)

The next VHS release was of the newly created “Special Editions” in '97 or '98 with new Drew Struzan key art.

Then in 2004, the DVDs of the special editions were released in a boxed set.

And in 2006, three separate 2-disc DVDs were released that contained the previous SE DVDs and the original, unaltered pre-SE films as bons discs. This is the ladt time the original versions were released, and they were given a sub-par presentation. They were direct laser disc ports and were not enhanced for widescreen televisions.


I’ve seen it argued that action figures don’t sell any more. It’s now mostly and adult hobby. I don’t know how true that is, my boys are still wee and love Playmobile and Imaginex and all that stuff, but I could see action figures being out of favor with the 8+ crowd. There’s still boatloads of merchandise for Star Wars though, most Targets and Wal Marts seem to have fixed sections for Star Wars stuff, and it’s all movie related. And it all looks unappealing for kids, but maybe they’re not the target market.


And even after that, remained so - I think the success convinced LFL to reissue the vids in Widescreen, but the big explosion was TPM in 1999.

Absolutely. It’s amazing how much venom gets thrown at Rebels online. I just enjoy that for what it is. Also, no one can tell me Clone Wars didn’t do some supremely creepy stuff at times, like the mind control worms!


You mentioned Playmobile and Imaginext. I was talking right to this segment - the Playskool Heroes or whatever. Almost all of the Star Wars ones are movie characters. Soph loves them, but she goes bonkers when we come across anything related to Rebels or Clone Wars. If they had Sabine and Hera on a blister card, she might scream.


My 7/8 year old still likes his action figures, and I think that will likely persist for another 2-3 years.
I think the big thing is that there are now many more options for play/entertainment that weren’t there for us as kids.
When I was a kid, you went outside and rode your bike/kicked a ball, you did some art/craft type thing, or you played with your toys/action figures.
Action figures were a big part of escape and pretend play.
These days, with the advent of on demand TV, kid focused ipad apps and video games etc - I think that like all of us, kids have more options.
So action figures, while they haven’t gone away, probably took a hit, as they have to compete.


And even at that, anything involving the new movies she’s super into as well. She loves Rey, but Poe and Finn have a big place in her head too.

Also Rose.


Yeah it’s anecdotal but I don’t see my kids or their friends playing much with action figures / dolls. They aren’t really interested and want the toy to do something. It’s not a lack of imagination, they like to dress up and play lightsabers and Lego is as popular as ever but I’ve found we buy an Iron Man figure and he’s in the toy box the next day to rarely if ever come out again.

Also they’re really expensive now, I think because of the crossover with the adult collector crowd. When I look at the equivalent of 15 quid for a 6 inch lump of plastic it’s hard to justify it, you know they cost next to nothing to make as here especially you see the fakes for a tenth of the price. The ‘collecting’ element seems cheaper and more fun with Pokemon Go.


The Star Wars toys, particulary stuff like the Black Series and Vintage Collection, seem targeted towards adults and collectors more than kids. They’re expensive, detailed, and seem more suited to displaying than play. Not to mention the short-packed figures and store exclusives can be really hard to track down.