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Star Wars Movie Thread


No full reviews yet, but reactions to Solo are coming in:

From Demi Adejuyigbe:

• The scale and visual style of the action in this movie is outstanding. They are doing a great job with battle/war scenes in the anthology. Ron Howard should’ve directed Rogue One.
• I was shocked at how the score actually stood out through different parts of the movie.
• I accidentally wore the same suit color as Donald Glover, and I think people kept looking at me strangely because of it. I did not get to talk to him and laugh about this crazy, fun, eternal-friendship-initiating coincidence.
• I did get to tell Phoebe Waller-Bridge that Killing Eve and Fleabag are terrific. These notes have nothing to do with the movie.
• In my entire life, I have not heard an audience react louder to something than the audience did at one moment in this movie.
• Star Wars is great.


Don’t know if this has been posted yet. Apparently the Obi-Wan movie is pretty much confirmed for the end of 2020. Rumours had been doing the rounds for a long time now. This seems a bit more concrete though, and has apparently been verified by multiple sources.

Hopefully Ewan is a shoo-in. Maybe other characters/actors from between Episodes III and IV too?

Also (mild spoilers for Solo), there is apparently a surprise cameo from a well-known Star Wars movie character in Solo that could suggest a possible angle for the Obi-Wan film. Unfortunately it’s probably something that will get out before the film goes on general release, which is a shame. Letting people know about it could encourage some people to go and see it though, I guess.


Obi-Wan vs. Boba Fett in a Kill Bill/Last Showdown type plot is all I’d like to see.


Boba as the bad guy of the Obi-Wan movie would be pretty cool, but that’s not what these rumours point to, at least not as the initial villain.


The problem with such a scenario is you know that whatever happens, both survive. That’s the problem with these types of prequels.


If they do a Solo sequel with Boba Fett, I think it would be cool to have Boba Fett and Han Solo working together.

Boba Fett shouldn’t be a villain. He’s a hired gun; a mercenary that does paid jobs. Sometimes he’s working for Darth Vader or Jabba the Hutt, but he also probably takes on work like rescuing kidnapped children or protection jobs.


Imagine what would happen if it was Mace Windu. That would push Samuel L. Jackson even further into legendary status.


I think they got alot on Obi Wan from the Marvel comics. You can fill in that gap that covers his years protecting Luke. That said it feels like a real fan service movie and I’m not sure if it’s good for the health of the franchise to keep dwelling with these characters.

I wonder if they’re considering a Vader movie based on some of the stuff they have from the comics. Could they have a villain headline a movie that audiences would want to watch?


Bring back Jules, er I mean Mace! We never actually saw him dead (except in robot chicken :wink: ) just give him the standard issue mechanical Jedi arm.


One problem I have with all of these novels and comic books that are considered “canon,” is that they put out so many of them that it locks up a lot of things in the gaps that could be used for future anthology films.

The same also goes for the animated series like Clone Wars and Rebels, where they lock a lot of things into canon that can’t be explored in films unless the established canon is contradicted or decanonized.

The books, comics, and cartoons are only followed by a fraction of the people who watch the movies, so I’m not sure if the movies need to be beholden to the events that take place in those things.


Did some googlin’ and it looks like I know what the spoiler in question is.

It also relates to my above post in that that is something that was already covered in numerous comic books and Rebels.


You could have also put together the first letters of each sentence in my post. :slight_smile:


A Vader movie has been speculated on for a while - I think it would work, he’s probably still the franchise’s most visible character, and an arc set between III and IV like in the recent comics, with him having to work his way into the Emperor’s good books, could work well.

The success of Thanos in Infinity War might also encourage them to move to a explicitly villain-led movie.


They just did with Thanos.


Sort of. Infinity War is part 1 or 2, and we expect to see the villain lose in the second act. Vader has to win in his movie (he’ll live at the end after all). Are we ready to root for Vader? Or do you make him the enemy going up against a different rag tag group of villains, a Freddy Kruger type that they keep trying to escape.


I was already rooting for him in Rogue One, where he was moved into a bit of an antihero role.


I think that’s the best approach.

Well he was pushing Krennic around, and that was fun, but only becasue Krennic was such a douchbag.

When he was slicing up rebels it was exciting, but I wasn’t on his side.


Yep. I don’t know if you’ve read the recent Marvel comics but a fair bit of it is him crossing paths with other nasty characters and getting the better of them. It’s a good way of making him the hero without diluting his essential villainy.


I really don’t like the idea of anti-hero Vader. In his introduction he tortures the Princess, blows up a planet, kills Obi Wan and takes out most of the rebel fleet. Putting in some sort of 'he was trying to make the world better’twist just gets negated by all his acts.



That was a lot of work!