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Star Wars Movie Thread



Wars are still fought online over the infamous Hot Choc revelation.

Yeah, go figure.


This is exactly why Disney were right to decanonise the EU. If I were them, I wouldn’t have kept any of the books in print and I would have arranged for death squads to forcibly gather up all the old Star Wars novels for disposal.

Except maybe for the X-Wing books.


This is why your commercial skills will never be a match for Darth Mickey.


I would have sold the ashes back to the fans in lucite blocks, with a handful of words visible on tattered and burned barely visible therein.


Guess what? Some would have bought 'em.


They’d sell out if I laser-etched the Star Wars logo into the lucite.



I can’t really say I have much interest in a Resistence series after TFA and TLJ. My enthusiasm for Star Wars, and anything that takes place post-ROTJ in particular, is at an all-time low.


I maintain that Disney have screwed up Star Wars. However, I expect they’ll bring in some creator who will have a brilliant take and we’ll get sucked back in again. They just need to avoid all the Skywalker stuff and go to a different era I think.


Disney seems to be a bit like DC when comes to Star Wars. The films haven’t been great but the cartoons are well received. Rebellion had a very strong following.


Rian Johnson had a good take, he was just handcuffed to the core mythology.


Which presumably won’t be such an issue for the new SW trilogy he’s overseeing. It sounds like that will be quite separate from the ‘saga’ films.




“Christensen’s chemistry with Natalie Portman — who was already cast to play Queen Amidala — was apparently too good to miss.”



Christian Bale would have been an interesting choice for Anakin Skywalker, though he’s only about three years younger than Ewan. I was always under the impression that Anakin Skywalker was at least ten or fifteen years younger than Obi-Wan Kenobi. And, for whatever, reason, Bale has always seemed older to me than he was. For comparison, Ewan was roughly the same age as Bale in American Psycho when he was in Trainspotting.

Of course, in the OT, Sebastian Shaw was about ten years older than Alec Guinness…