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Star Wars Movie Thread


An interesting development. Thought the title is a bit misleading. She’s directing the second unit work.


I read an interview with Johnson in which he said that he was thinking how funny it would be if, once Luke disappears, his robot hand just drops to the ground with a clunk. Not his exact words. I tried to find the article, but had no luck. It’s just one of many endless “What about…?” issues with Star Wars.


My OT collection has Episode IV but not ANH. :slight_smile:

I retained the SE DVD set for the special features but haven’t watched them SE films for many years.



AICN has a whole bunch of Solo movie posters:

Donald Glover looks stoned in this poster:




One of my favourite moments in the EU is when Luke is drinking something, 3PO asks him what it is, Luke says Lando introduced him to it, and after 3PO is dismissive of Lando being involved in it we learn it’s Hot Chocolate.


Emilia Clarke is a bit of a chameleon. It was very tough for me to realize that woman was the same woman who plays Khaleesi from GoT. I know she wears a wig on GoT but that is still a much different look.


Does Lando have a broken arm there?


i think Donald Glover is trying to pull off his best Billy Dee Williams and not quite succeeding.


That’s what I’ve been thinking since we’ve first seen him.


I guess Billy Dee did kind of always carry his arm in that position. To be fair to Glover, he’s much cooler than Billy Dee could have ever hoped to be.


Hey now! They’re both cool.


Somebody had to be a customer for Harrison Ford’s candy man!


Were you dropped on your head as a child?


Only people in their late 40’s or older would think Williams was cooler. Childish Gambino FTW. :wink:


Early 40’s motherfucker!


Troy Barnes was cool.
Gambino, apart from me and your mama, not so much


I’m clinging to mid 40s for a few more weeks and I never heard of Donald Glover until he was part of this movie! To be honest I thought it was Danny Glover at first and thought “isn’t he getting too old for this shit?” :wink:


No love for Sober?