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Star Wars Movie Thread


This is cool:


Star Wars fans are weird sometimes.


I don’t recall the scene in ESB where Yoda looks at a sleeping Luke, thinks he might be evil, and activates his lightsaber just in case.

But then, there are so many revised versions, that’s probably in one I haven’t seen yet.


Well that’s silly. Everyone knows the correct way to signify evil intent is with eyeliner.


It’s in the original theatrical release, but most nerds don’t like to reference that particular edit


Is that the same edit where Yoda gets Force-pervy with Luke’s sleeping body?


That was added in 1983 for the triple-bill presentation


I mean, he probably should have done that with Anakin.


It was during the time when the Jedi had reduced ability to use the Force (except to hold up collapsing structures, do crazy force jumps/flips, catch and shoot back lightning, etc.) so Yoda couldn’t see the darkness in Anakin. See? It makes perfect sense. Otherwise I’m sure he would have Force choked him! :wink:


I think (here we go down the rabbit hole) it’s worth remembering how little training Luke’s actually had. A few days with Obi-Wan, a few days/weeks with Yoda, then years with the sacred texts and maybe the occasional visit from a Force Ghost?

And with that background he sets up a Jedi training academy?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No wonder Yoda is still schooling him on Jedi stuff.


In which case old “I’ve been using the Force for about four days” Rey is probably going to end up as a mass-murdering psychopath.


I think Abrams will give her a greek chorus of Force Ghosts in the next movie. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hamill has more scenes than he did in this film!


Uuuuuse the Force Rey, as she destroys a cube shaped Death Star.


I thought the new Death Star would be pyramid shaped?


Two Death Stars!


There’ll be a pair of Death Stars, hooked up to a Galaxy Gun and it’ll be dubbed…

Kylo’s Weapon

And when he needs it to, it gets bigger.


The way I see it, Luke trained with Yoda for about six months to a year while Han and Leia took a week or two to get to Bespin by traveling at sublight speeds and short jumps with the backup hyperdrive. Special relativity. Also means Luke is six months to a year older than his twin sister.




Marvel are doing a hefty PR blitz for Star Wars #50.

Does sound like it could be a spectacular horror, in that Gillen’s writing will be great but Larocca’s new art style will continue to be “interesting”.