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Star Wars Movie Thread


I remember all my mates absolutely trashing the Phantom Menace when it came out. We would all be about 19-20 and total star wars fanatics.


There used to be an old joke that nobody hates Star Trek as much as Star Trek fans, and I think at this point the joke has comfortably made its way over to Star Wars.


It’s definitely true of wrestling fans. And definitely, definitely true of Red Sox fans…!


How the Sox got to be one of my favorite AL teams, I dunno. Schilling, maybe. I really try to like the Yankees and Royals, but it ends up Red Sox and whoever’s hot. I’m such a NL guy!


As far as the NL goes, I’m a Cardinals guy. I get more excited for AL teams.


I know it’s exciting to talk about Star Wars but do you really HAVE to think about baseball? :wink:
Watched The Last Jedi yesterday: WTF was that!?


The REASON I think about baseball!


A sci-fi movie with some serious plot issues but some great visuals?


I hate to say it but great visuals are a dime a dozen these days. It was hideous writing, destroyed everything we thought Luke accomplished in ROTJ, made him a selfish character that didn’t have the wisdom of a Jedi Master, even with 3 force ghosts to advise him over the years. The idea that Luke would even consider killing his sleeping student over the “potential” of him turning to the dark side is ridiculous at best. That’s just poor lazy writing. I’ll be watching the despecialized Star Wars tonight to remind myself why Luke is awesome and a hero. :wink:


He did the exact same thing Yoda did!


I got The Last Jedi on Blu-ray this week and already watched it twice, as well as the 95-minute behind-the-scenes documentary. Love it.

I’m really annoyed the score-only version isn’t available here.


A franchise dumpster fire.


I haven’t checked out any of the extra features yet, but that documentary sounds great. And some of the deleted scenes sound pretty fun.



I think…a lot of peeps pointing out the goof that his robo hand disappears, when it shouldn’t really.
What if he was doing a double projection? To the Island, and then to Crait…but is actually elsewhere?

Just watching again on Blu-ray and had a (maybe) ephinany?!


I was looking for it, and I don’t think we actually see his metal hand in the death scenes. It’s possible he removed it before he went out.


Watching the Blu-ray now. I have to say the visuals are pretty average…maybe even less than average. A couple of moments pretty crap.


Also, Rey’s Lipstick is bright red whenever she is tempted by the dark side


I reckon William and Harry’s cameo is the Kylo Escort when Rey board the Snoke ship on the ‘coffin’


It’s the scene with the Tom Hardy stormtrooper talking to Finn in the elevator.


I don’t care.